Friday, April 6, 2012


Matt has been raving about a 64 year old deli in the Alvarado district of Los Angeles. I was little apprehensive about dining in area directly across from MacArthur Park (AKA the infamous backdrop of Los Angeles based crime movies and television shows). Despite being in a sketchy area a majority of the diners were suited professionals and sweet families.
As suggested by Matt I devoured the pride and joy of this corner shop, #19 “The Usual”. Goodness gracious it was heaven between two slices of Rye bread. The sandwich was loaded with Pastrami, Coleslaw, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese.
Langer's is the Bee's Knees and a straight up diet killer.
After tapping out on our meals we had a hilarious debate over who is the uglier and louder sleeper. He had me laughing and crying while he presented and acted out his case. His personal testimony was so compelling I decided I'd allowance him a temporary win (Keyword: temporary). Out of love I can pretend for a day or so that his nose doesn't sing torturing lullabies.

Our life according to Matt:

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