Tuesday, November 19, 2013

20 Units

Things I've learned/experienced while taking 20 units:

Your cup holders become a fast food graveyard 
Pizza is everywhere: events, classrooms, study groups, club meetings
You never turn down free pizza
Sometimes you cry, sometimes you cry a lot
Fun becomes a bag of M&Ms and a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich
You deface a poster of the food pyramid to give Caffeine proper recognition
You go to your friend's dorm at 9am, she's drinking a beer and you ask if there is more
 Occasionally you could be mistaken for a homeless person
You argue about beer bong like it's an Olympic sport
 Scoliosis comes with your 30 pound backpack
The strap on your backpack breaks the same day as your sandal (see line 4)
You get really excited when you look and feel like a girl:)
So much that you post a picture.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Every Tuesday and Thursday I get out of class during the prime time for student arrivals. This greatly inflates the value of the slab of asphalt my car occupies. In the past it has afforded me rides to my car, scrantons and a gift card to Taco Bell with the remaining balance of $3.25.

On Thursday during my usual walk to my car I heard someone yell at me. I turned back to find a black Mercedes filled with Asian guys dressed as Pokemon. Side Note:I don't know how you say the word Pokemon but I really enjoy making it sound more ridiculous than it already is by emphasizing each syllable.  Any who.......The driver begged for me to allow him to drive me to my car since they were running insanely late. I simply replied, "You have too many Pokemon in your car" and continued on my way. The driver than began yelling at the guys in the backseat in what I believe was Chinese. The back door opened and if I have my characters right, Jigglypuff exited the car. I don't know why but I felt bad for Jiggypuff. The driver must have misunderstood the sad look on my  face as a sign of disapproval and began talking in Chinese again. Jigglypuff got back in the car and Pikachu who was sitting shotgun got out. At this point I felt obligated to take him up on his offer since he was willing to give me shotgun and sellout two of his friends. Poor Pikachu was left behind by student housing, did he make it to class on time? I'd like to think so.