Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Man and I went on a spontaneous date and drove into Downtown Los Angeles around 11pm last night.
I love how the lights of the office buildings make it feel like the stars are hanging extra low for us. I love running up and downs the street, hand in hand and just being a part of the commotion and buzz.
After a little walk we wandered into Library Bar and shared a few tasty drinks. This is one of those places where the bartenders pride themselves in their creations. They had an option to pay 10 dollars and have them make you a drink of their choice. Once he found out I was a Whiskey fiend, he whipped me up a Sazerac, a cocktail that dates back to the mid 1800's, and was even more fun to watch be made than to drink!

I hope your weekend is off to as great of a start!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

How is your Thursday going? I'm currently eating Twizzlers for breakfast and skipping out on the gym:)
Here are some items I'm thirsty for on this fine Thursday:
I'm thirsty for a getaway and can't wait for my yearly trip to San Diego to roll around. For 5 days my only concerns will be playing in the sand, eating ice cream, and laughing with family!
I'm thirsty for the midnight showing of Magic Mike! I think the casting director deserves some kind of an award...just saying.
Tonight should be fun and In the words of my friend Candice, "It's going to
be a Cougar fest".
Stolen from "The Pink Growl Blog" and I want it! I love saying MERICA and I know you do too!
This might end up being my 4th of July tank top.
I'm thirsty for Kate Spade wedding gifts and time to plan my own. I'm getting
married in 10 months and all we've done is pay for the location and search for honeymoon locations. Where did you go or would like to go on yours? We need help deciding. I'm all about Europe and he's all about Jamaica. I fear if we can't make up our minds soon we'll end up like the folks below.
Enjoy your Thursday, This week is almost over!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've been organizing my closet and two unopened/forgotten boxes of clothes from my nearly year ago move. It's no secret I have Marie Antoinette tendencies (minus the whole not caring about French people starving) with clothes and by many would even be considered a hoarder. I prefer “highly enthusiastic collector” but you can’t always be victorious. I come from a long line of hoarders so I’m not apologetic, it’s in my blood, sorry mom and grandma you've been outed! I have a lot of things I'm actually ready to part with but can't bare to sell from be sold at yard sales for pennies. Maybe I'll give ebay or Craig's list a try. I've also seen bloggers have shop my closet sites and have always wondered how well they do.
Outfit: Silk one shoulder Maggy London dress worn with a Levis denim top.
 My closet is very black and white and by that I mean everything is either super glitzy or plain Jane. I've challenged myself to bring the two looks together and get more use out of the lonely dresses I own. Success? I think so!
Last night I went to a going away dinner for one of my dearest friends!
We gathered at an Italian restaurant we've been eating since we were in high school. We adore this place not only for their amazing food but because they might as well write on their hiring forms that being a good looking male is their biggest criteria. True story my lady friends.
My Dessert!
Now isn't that a beautiful sight? You would think it was my birthday.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cat daughter

My Sunday:
BBQ double date with my little brother and his girlfriend. Neat to the O!
Munching down on some of the best guacamole I've ever tasted! Goodness gracious get in my belly!
Dishing out low blows and funny jokes like samples at Costco on a Saturday....... dangerous busniess.
Catching up on my favorite shows because I finally have CABLE and INTERNET
again (aka The cherry on top of my social sundae).
And lastly, Angry and extremely competitive Monopoly
( hosts monthly giveaways for animals lovers and of course Cali is particpating again!)
In the middle of all the commotion was of course my cat, Cali.
If you’ve ever wondered why I referred to her as my Cat daughter here is the puuurfect explanation.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Back!

On Friday the heavens opened and an angel/Charter Network employee (bless his heart and his green fanny pack) flew through my front door and reconnected me with civilization. Can I get a hallelujah? Matt and I've been without Internet or cable for 2 weeks since we decided to ditch our joke of a provider and had to wait for the new installation date. I'm not going to lie it was a ruff two weeks... you can only close the blinds, pop popcorn, pick a previously viewed movie from your collection and pretend your living room is a movie theatre so many times. 
See that lady in the orange? I met her in 2nd grade during Catechism classes and now she has landed herself a BIG girl job and is moving off to San Francisco (applause). Thank you. On Friday we celebrated by doing what all Orange County kids do.....wait for it.....drum roll......go to Down Town Fullerton for drinks! I swear we've become old, predictable, bingo playing, and high waist pant wearing women...and we like it. It's been beyond difficult for me over the recent years to see my little group grow up and go separate ways.  I sometimes wish I could slow down time or press rewind. I will miss her but I'm so happy this opportunity came to such a deserving girl!
Vest-12.97, Dress-FREE, hand me down (Holla), and sandals- $2 from a street vendor.
Matt loved this outfit and said I looked like an impressionist painting, a Cezanne to be exact.
I think I'm going to start posting more of my amazing finds and affordable outfits. I've been cleaning out my closet and found some forgotten gems.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Matt's birthday was last month and this weekend he was finally able to cash in his gift. I surprised him with breakfast in bed and then we headed to Long Beach to board a boat to Catalina.
A band Matt and I like was performing at a beach club on the Island and company that put on the event also chartered boats for all the ticket holders. What they didn't tell us was that they put us on an ancient booze cruse boat that basically floated and drifted its way to the Island. The boat ride is typically 45mins and our was 2 hours and 20mins. I felt like I was on the trail of tears boat ride to my death and so did all the other passengers that were throwing up on each other (not an exaggeration).
Early on we decide we would make the best of the situation and 
 spent the last hour of the ride outside sucking up as much oxygen as possible.
Big Olaf's ice cream! You can't go to the Island and not get some of their famous ice cream!
I've been eating this stuff each time I've come since I was a little kid.
Beautiful view and drinks on the beach!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Living in the stone age

What does one do without technology? Die? Just about.
As of today our household has been without Internet and cable for a week and a half.
We decided to change our provider and won't be able to have our home installation done for another
week and a half (If we are lucky). I never realized how much I depend on the web for daily functions, socializing, school, work, and keeping my sanity. 

Below are ways I've entertained myself over the week:
1. Staring contests with my cat. She always wins. It might be the 2 eye lid thing but 
whatever...damn her.
2. I've been getting my e.e. cummings on. He is one of my favorite poets and I've been
enjoying having such a large collection of his works at my finger tips.
3. BBQ with friends! It is impossible to frown with a margarita in hand and good friends by your side.
We took the time to prepare everything ourselves and is was completely worth the work.
4. Disposing of leftover hot dog buns from our engagement party. We had 4 bags like the one my holding to throw to the eager duckies. These duck were not the typical human fearing but rather bold and feisty. They had no problem eating out of Matt's hand and one nearly jumped in my lap to steal a bite of my lunch.
5. Get dressed up and go out to dinner. Sorry for the bad photo quality but I had Matt snap a quick photo  of my awesome dress before we headed off to bed. If your in Pasadena, CA anytime soon you have to check out Smitty's. The restaurant takes many of our everyday favorites (mac & cheese, corn bread, creamed corn, pot pies etc.) and turns them into gourmet dishes. 
*Sigh* my diet fails again.
Tomorrow we are off to Catalina Island! Have a great weekend Amigos!

Monday, June 11, 2012

More Dears

Dear AT&T,

I wish all evils upon you. I don't know which one of your employees continues to drop the ball but in the last 10 months our Internet has been "accidentally" shut off three times. The whole process of you taking our money and keeping us connected should be easy enough. I've been without Internet since Thursday due to an unidentifiable BOO BOO on your end. Blah.

Dear Tailgaters,

I never, I repeat never speed up when you ride my booty. I suggest you cut your losses and bug someone else or you'll enjoy the same fate as the mustang I encountered on Tuesday. Mr. Mustang decided to tailgate and honk at me for going the legal speed limit. He didn't realize we were about to drive along one of the longest one lane on ramps in Los Angeles. Mr. Mustang, did you  enjoy driving 15mph in  a 45mph zone? Did it bother you when you finally were able to pull around me and I presented you with a smile and double peace signs rather than the expected middle finger?

Dear Guy from my 7-11 parking lot collision,

I believe we are equally at fault for our 5mph love tap. I can't believe you wanted to exchange information when no damages had occurred and your  car is clearly a 1980's reject that looked like it  had escaped from a trash compactor. I told him I would give him my information only because it is the law and if he tired to pull something fishy I'd lawyer up and sing like Canary to prove my innocence. He looked at me confused and maybe even a little frighten. He was silent for 30 seconds too long so I jokingly offered that I buy us both Slurplees and we could just continue on our marry ways. He told me I was a trip and picked the Slurpee. Once inside we oddly had a moment of friendship where we discussed how cherry is the only flavor and mixing other flavors is risky business. Jessica problems...

Dear Readers,

I've been invited to participate in a Flash Mob! Should I do it? Would you do it? I'm nervous that I'll be the reject that is moving to the left when everyone is moving to the right.

Dear Weekend,

You rocked my socks off and I promise to write about you later.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hoarder, maybe?

Lamp $5, Sliver plated serving tray $0.50, Lazy Susan $2, and purple necklace $1.
Last minute on Saturday I found a yard sale ad that completely reeled me in and I'm glad to say it delivered.
I've honestly become addicted to yard sales - I am not a hoarder, repeat I am not a hoarder. 
My friend Katie (who bought me the cat dress) is on a whole other level of collecting used goods.
She has shopped estate and moving sales of famous musicians, composers and actors. I don't know if it's
wise for my bank account to enter her world but I may or may not be running around with her soon:)
This lamp is definately one of my favorite finds.
I'm not sure where I'll place it but I know it isn't leaving my house.
New summer essentials: Magenta quilted Kate Spade bag (I am gaga for her),
HOT pink nail polish, and cheap over sized street vendor sunnies.
Besides scavenging people's front yards I do find myself in normal store from time to time.
 I believe summer should be about feeling young and living loudly.Wouldn't you say my color choice expresses just that? I don't know about you but I get antsy just thinking about all the warm weather and
little umbrellas that are going to be hanging out of my drinks.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss Cleo

                I have always been fascinated by Egyptians and their mysterious culture. NERD ALERT: I adore the song “Walk like an Egyptian”, constantly TVO related shows on the History Channel, and when it came to booking a hotel for my 21st Birthday Luxor was the only option. I don’t know about you but Cleopatra, AKA-the woman who ruled the men who ruled the world has always been a personal favorite. I have no problem admitting that the highlight of my weekend was viewing her exhibit at the California Science center. Due to natural disasters her palace now lays at the bottom of the ocean and the exhibit featured all the artifacts that have been recovered from recent sea explorations. If you’ve never been to this museum you must know that it also offers free exhibits, an IMAX theater, and a beautiful rose garden right behind it.
 Beautiful, right?

These two statues once stood in front of her palace.

Queen bling bling!
Pictures from movies and paintings about her.
Happy Sunday Friends!