Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Instagram Fun and Exciting NEWS!

Speedy Updates on My Life:) I'm suppose to be studying for finals! ekkk!
Current cat daughter Cali/ New cat son coming this Saturday! 
Since Matt and I are scared of children we thought this was the best way to expand our little family! He is a Russian Blue and we have yet to come to an agreement on his name:)
Nerd Penguins/ Drunk Santas
I'm so excited for all things CHRISTMAS! Where's my holiday playlist?
Here are some of the decorative pieces I've picked up so far this season. If you top guys they are currently being sold at Target for $6!
Disneyland/ Best party set up ever!
That's just us hanging out with The Hulk at Disneyland! I'm hoping Santa...cough cough....Matt will bring me a Disneyland pass for Christmas:) The bottom picture is from one of the best themed parties we've ever went to. Our friend's wife had chocolate wine and spiked hot chocolate to go with all these great treats!
My Peeps/ Awesome Cyper Monday find!
My friends and I at one of my favorite restaurants the day after Thanksgiving. It feels so good to have go many great friends in my life! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and made many memories!
My grandest update is that I will be opening Etsy Shop week! This is something I've been considering for a long time and can't believe it's actually happening! I have lots of great collectables and vintage pieces that will be on sale just in time for Christmas!
Keep checking in for more DEETS!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have spent too many years making my friends, family, and school second if not fourth to work. With all honestly it is the nature of the beast and my generation is growing up in a time where it is completely  normal to hold multiple jobs,  covet the latest and greatest material things, take out hefty school loans, and see "debt" as the dead beat friend you allow to devour all your food, live in your wallet and occupy your mind at all times. With all the things going on in my life I've realized that above making money I just simply want to be is a good wife, friend, and daughter. I want to have the time to hear my grandparent's stories, to laugh with my parent's, to make dinner for Matt, and to one day have a child that wasn't raised in the care of another woman.  I want to clear out the clutter in my current lifestyle and make room for a happier and more fulfilling one. I no longer want to feel like I'm racing through my days just to make a buck.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for this realization and the actions I've already taken to change. I'm thankful for the desire to attend mass and the excitement I have to just be with the people I love.
This Monday marked the first day of my new pace of life and I spent it unpacking my mom's wedding dress and reliving her special day. I think I'm off to a beautiful start.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Breaking Dawn, Hater gonna hate but I love you, always have and always will. Are you really over? Because my friends and I who've attended every one of your midnight premieres wouldn't mind another movie. Just promise me you'll think about it? Team Edward for life.

Dear Homeowners Associate, Matt and I don't exactly hold the best/any record of attendance at your meetings but with your recent transgressions against style and good taste, I'm forced to emerge from the shadows and begin flexing my Unit 4 power!  I appreciate our freshly painted community but would have certainly campaigned against the person(s) who chose a color palette inspired by Gerber baby food. Shame on you! Martha Stewart would have your head!

Dear Taco Bell and Wine, You're the Two Musketeers and the two best friends anyone can have! Thanks for keeping me sane when I ran out of gas this morning after attempting to fill up at three stations where I was met by closed doors, caution tape and out of order signs. Today was my day off and so far it has been spent in all the wrong places.  

Dear Matt, What are you doing in 168 days? I'm thinking it would be cool if I wore a pretty white dress and kissed you in front of 250 people. Oh and then maybe we'd could dance and have some cake? Let me know if your free. XOXO.

Dear Blog, In the next week we'll start hanging out on a regular basis again. Pinky Promise!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm back from my temporary death! I came down with something 2 week ago worthy of the stomach flu record books. It sadly ruined my Halloween and took me away from having any blog fun with you fine people! Now that I'm in tip top shape I'm right back to what I do best, SHOPPING! Can you blame a girl?
I present you with my $37 dollar outfit

(Sweater-$6, Tights-$9, Necklace- Thrifted $2.50, Bracelets- Thrifted @ quarter each, Clutch- Thrifted $3 Boots-super old thrift $16).
I recently came across the most amazing non-profit thrift store that supports children and adults with mental disorders. I found it online and was a little apprehensive about going since it is located in one of those areas where you triple click the lock button on your car alarm and pray no one will rob you. After shopping like a mad woman (nearly everything from the above outfit is from here) I spent a good 20 minutes talking with some of the program leaders and learned that the store is run completely by volunteers and they receive strong financial support and product donations from Los Angeles' elite.  They receive so many donations that they close the store every 2 months and bring out stored donations in their proper seasons. I was invited to return on November 19th to their Christmas open house party. I was excited to meet such passionate people and find a place where I can possibly donate my time, my old goods, and spend my money on a good cause,