Monday, October 22, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round!

My life is a broken record spinning over and over - eat, sleep, work and school on the turn table of eternity. Since my fate is sealed till Christmas break, I will continue the speedy revolutions and do my best to rise in the morning. Whenever I feel like things are getting too heavy, I have to kick my friend Nancy and all her negativity to curb. This normally involves pitchers of black coffee, crushed monster cans rolling around my car, and the man taking me out.
I'm so thankful for my industrial Sam's Club sized fan of a man piece (actually read the above quote). If it wasn't for our Groupon date and 99 cent store shopping spree I would have spent the evening with a freezer burned meal in my sweats.
We went to a finger licking good hot stand, do you see that grub above? Besides the bun and dog mine was topped with lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, roasted garlic aioli and avocado. Matt's, The O.G. Thai Slaw Dog included chicken sausage, peanut-coconut satay dressing, cilantro-carrot slaw, peanuts, and sesame aioli. Gosh that meal made me happy.

Afterwards we walked across the strip mall and into the 99 cent store for some corny Halloween decorations. Have you ever traveled up on down the aisles at one of these stores grabbing all things silly and fun because everything is ONLY a dollar and then end up wasting 30 dollars? Waste or not, we are proud owners of a skull oven mitt, cat naps calendar, hot pink hangers, and dry bricks of noodles.

I don't know what your Monday was like but mine was worth every dollar (or every ninety-nine cents, if you will).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Target $$$$

(Top- Matt's, Skirt- $11 Target, and Wedges-Tom's)
I rolled into Target yesterday to pick up some essentials and hopefully stumble upon an isle end clearance treasure or two. I've prohibited myself from wandering to women's clothing because their ticket prices have become a little too rich for my blood. I understand Target's new marketing plan and that over the past so many years they've worked to elevate themselves... I get it, but I'm a baller who likes to budget. Also, something doesn't well with me about dropping $50 on a piece at the same place I buy my low priced toilet paper, toothpaste, and microwaveable popcorn.  Anyways, this ombre skirt caught my eye and I was terrified to check the price and to be informed that I'd have to choose between it or brushing my teeth. GOOD NEWS it was an internet return (didn't know that option existed) and was only 11 bucks! I had a dinner date with some of my finest ladies and couldn't find a top to wear with my skirt so being pressed for time I improvised and tied up one of Matt's. I felt cute so therefore I'm considering my efforts cute.
Lastly, I battled an hour and half in traffic to eat what seemed like 5 pounds deep dish pizza with these beautiful people. All night I constantly found myself gasping for air and wiping away tears between laughing. We are always that group who is a little too loud and a little too happy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I really and I mean really like Halloween. I actually just plainly enjoy all holidays. I believe all things in life should be celebrated to the fullest and with that said the little free time I have between working full-time and attending school full-time has been spent snatching up goodies at Michael's and the grocery store. I swear Michael's is more dangerous and lethal than the mall on pay day and chugging energy drinks. I get the jitters just thinking about that place. How is it that I can easily exchange multiple 20 dollar bills for glitter pumpkins, candle holders, glue sticks, elaborate stickers, candle holders, $1.00 note pads...need I say more? Own up my friends, you know you've been there.
Some fun things I picked up and placed around the condo.
Rocking Halloween from my purse to my booze! Matt and I got together with some friends on Saturday and had a Halloween themed party complete with pumpkin cake, pumpkin beer, pumpkin carving and pumpkin tortilla chips! We had the best night and laughed uncontrollably the whole time!
Oh and these are just fun. 
We love our friends pups!

I wish I could come around blog land more often but for now this is all I got with the little time I have.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Palm Springs

Welcome to The Saguaro, Palm Spring, CA
Matt and I spent the weekend at an amazing hotel with a ultra chic 70's vibe. Upon arriving one can expect to see the rooms and grounds covered with vibrant colors, period furniture, black and white art/photos, and guests sipping on fresh fruit cocktails. This boutique style hotel is definitely a playground for the young and trendy.
How cute do we look? I'm rocking a new lace dress from H&M and Matt is wearing one of many sharp coats he inherited from his father. I love that my man enjoys dressing up and dinning out as much as I do. Matt insisted on picking the location and he did not disappoint. We dinned at a mainly outdoor restaurant which was once the former ranch of the old Hollywood actor, Cary Grant. The courtyard we dined in was utterly romantic and the meal was unforgettable. We both agree a million times over that we've never had a finer glass of wine or plate of food. We spent a good two hours tracing through the highlights of our relationship and laughing about our beginnings. We both have demanding schedules but we keep our relationship strong by celebrating the time we have alone to truly date each other.
Thanks for a great weekend babe!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Old Wedding Dress, I’m sorry I mislead you to believe our trip in the car was to begin the necessary cutting and snipping. You were my first love but not the love of my life. It’s not you, it’s me. I promise you’ll make another girl very happy someday. I’m breaking up with you.
Dear New Wedding Dress, Don’t mind the above false sorrows, my heart mended the day I met you. I can’t believe your mine foreeeeeverrrrrrr….like in the movie Sandlot when the Squints says “Forrrrrrrevvvvvver, forrrrrrrreverrrr” in slow motion and all dramatically. 

Dear Palm Springs, I can’t wait to party and sweat in your heat. NOT. Can we please work something out? I’d like to enjoy my spontaneous vacation with my main squeeze.
Dear FiancĂ©, Thanks for keeping my head above water during this past week. I feel that with you standing by my side there is nothing too bonkers or stressful that I can’t overcome. I’m currently singing a certain song in my head and thinking of you, “So darlin’, darlin’ stand by me, oh stand, stand by me (and I’ll always stand by you) Oh stand, stand by me.”
Dear Sewing Teacher, Thanks for requiring us to bring a mini fortune worth of supplies to class and then having us make something to put them in during a single period. I think I handled it pretty well, especially since I was one of two students who turn in a finished piece.
Nailed it!

Dear  New Followers, I love you and can’t wait to get to know you! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Break Time!

I was studying and writing a paper until I realized I had a blog worthy top and necklace on. It seemed like a good enough reason/excuse for me to take a break. I take frequent loooooooong breaks. In the last hour I booked a hotel room in Palm Springs for the weekend (Mini Vaca HOLLA), played with my cat, ate a few Gobstoppers, and began writing to you fine people:)

Back to my cute upper half...I picked up my shirt and necklace at a sample sale in Downtown LA for 5 bucks each! I'm super obsessed with jewelry right now and couldn't be more pleased with my find. I have so many old and ready to part with "finds" that I've been thinking of opening up an Esty shop to liquidize some of my jewelry and vintage collection. I hunting for treasure at thrift stores, sample sales, and fleas markets so much that if it goes well I might start shopping for vintage and trendy pieces to sell on the regular.

It is 10:30pm and time for me to get back on the grind, adios amigos!
Matt and Cali not looking to pleased about helping me with my homework!