Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Style

Recently my grandma decided to hand down to me some clothes she has been holding onto since the 1950's. This is great and all except she had a bombshell body complete with the smallest waist which isn't exactly compatible with me. I found a couple winners and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear them out.

Below is a dress I've been obsessing for on Pinterest for the past few months and look how lucky I got....

I wore it to church today with a jacket and felt beyond beautiful!

Short and sweet! 5 days till my wedding!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Wedding Santa, I just made you up! When Matt and I created our wedding registry we clicked a little box that gave our guests the option of mailing gifts rather than lugging them to the wedding. We have amazing friends and family and the gifts have been pouring in! It has been a real treat seeing the Wedding Santa/UPS man regularly.

Dear Wedding, You are 7 days away!  I love you and hate you so passionately that I'm going to end our letter right now. See you soon!

Dear Me, Chill out! Slow down! I know things are getting wild but you can't let the madness run you. Take time for yourself in the next week to breath and reflect on the beautiful day that you are about experience. If all else fails start spiking your drinks and get in a little retail therapy.

Dear Ceramic Birds, I can't believe I own 70 of you and had to pill stickers off everyone of your bottoms. #decorproblems

Dear Husband, Our anniversary is two days before we get married and we are going to paint the town! No cells phones permitted just kissing, dancing, hand holding, booze sipping, and cab catching! This is our your time.

The few wedding sneak peaks I'll allow:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

USED and It Feels Soooo Good!

Dress: $5 Vintage-Rose Bowl swap meet, Purse: $1- Rose Bowl swap meet, Heels: $2 Highschool rumage sale, Levis Denim button up-$1 Los Angeles City College swap meet.

Grand Total: $9

I can't stay away from clearance stickers, bargin bins and second hand clothing. I normally pick up a new garment on a weekly basis which leads most to believe I have a shopping addiction (eh, maybe?) or extreme credit card debt. I shop this frequently because I don't have a habit or hobby like smoking, gambling, getting manis and pedis or Starbucks chugging that is consuming all my loot. 

New shirt > Blended premix concoction and coffee cake

A new shirt will always be my undisputed champion.

This is the type of sales floor I hit to collect my treasures and spend that weekly $35 that I didn't sip away. I'm going to start a series of posts show casing insanely cheap outfits like my $9 one above.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


(Sweater: Free People, Dress: No name, No English speaking store in Downtown LA, Cross body: Cole Hann, Wedges: Ann Taylor, and Necklaces: Gift) 

Lipstick is responsible for everything from being the icing on a perfect outfit to free drinks, relationships, Instagram pictures, duck face poses, and conception. Ain't that the truth? You're probably laughing right now because you know I'm right and you're probably guilty of at least one or two. This small item has the power to make a girl feel like a woman and add a little Beyonce to anyone's step. So use the force, right? 
I think it is important to feel sexy and for me red lipstick always does the trick.

I'm wearing a discontinued color from Aveda and need help finding a new brand to depend on. Where do you go for your cosmetics? 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beach City EATS

In my opinion everything is better by the sea....

 "By the sea, By the sea, by the beautiful sea!
You and me, you and me, oh how happy we'll be!"

 I appreciate a good meal so much that on any given day I'll drive an hour to Orange County, scoop up some friends and drive another 30 minutes to Laguna Beach. My man loves all things penguins and my friend Christa is somewhere in the realm of obsessed. When we caught wind of a 40 year old joint called the Penguin Cafe it took zero convincing to give it a try. On Friday morning I ditched my diet and fully indulged in an all carb breakfast. Do you see that whip cream snow cap on my pancakes? I was in heaven. The restaurant was super small and covered with penguin figurines, pictures, paintings, and stuffed animals that they've acquired over the years. It is definitely worth checking out and only a few feet from a set of stairs that takes you right onto the beach.
Recently Matt and I began religiously watching and rewatching Man VS. Food. Not that I'll be visiting middle America anything soon but I'm now fully educated on where to find the best BBQ, milkshakes and donuts the size of my head. We love watching episodes where the restaurants are in Southern California and the food we fall for is obtainable. On Saturday my friend Vanessa took the two of us on a getaway to San Diego and we couldn't pass the opportunity to eat at Lucha Libre. It is a small gourmet taco shop with Pepto Bismol pink walls covered in Luchador pictures and masks. They love Luchadors so much that they give discounts if you order while wearing a traditional mask.

What I ordered and the contents:

Tap Me Out Taco: Chicken, french fries, grilled veggies, cheese, poblano sauce, and sliced avocado.
Veggie Taco: Black beans, panela cheese, grilled zuchini, mushrooms, corn, and poblano sauce.

Hungry? Ya, I thought so.
Life is too short to eat boring food!