Friday, January 31, 2014

The Month of Love

I'm preparing my condo sweet condo for Valentines Day. My desire to celebrate everything may seem vexatious to some but glitter and romance runs strongly through my veins. I refuse to be too serious, routine or sober at anytime.

Cute Story: 
In kindergarten a boy who had a crush on me emptied his piggy bank in an envelope and put it in my construction paper heart bag during our class exchange. He approached me and said "I hope you like my Valentine. My mom is always happy when my dad gives her money." Since I was only 6 years old I didn't fully appreciate or understand the gesture but I will tell you, that boy is now a man happily married with multiple children.

 Condo happenings:

Wishlist (could or could not be hints to a certain someone):

Current love playlist:
1. Make It Wit Chu- Queens of The Stone Age
2. Pistol- Dustin Kensure (Wedding Jam)
3. Blue Jeans- Lana Del Rey (Lady Crush)
4. Somewhere Only We Know- Keane
5. Shiver- Cold Play
6. Come Fly Away With Me- Frank Sinatra 
7.  Your Song- Elton John (Long Time Fav)
 8. I Want to Hold Your Hand- The Beatles

Have a LOVELY weekend!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Melting Pot

On Friday I gathered with friends for a multi-cultural potluck where everyone brought a dish and beer or alcohol from their motherland. With all the exciting dishes I kept hearing about I began feeling like my "nothing new to anyone" Mexican food wasn't going to cut it. I decided to bring Mexican entertainment and picked up a little Minion pinata. One of the highlights of the night was watching my very liquored up friends try to break it. The other highlight was hearing about everyone's family history. I was impressed to hear about a grandma who was a spy during WWII, a colonel in the Revolutionary War and relations to Crazy House, Dukes and Lords.

Two interesting things about me:
I'm related to Miguel Hidalgo 
My family owned a cotton plantation during the Great Depression
Me and my Polish/Irish date
Mexican beer, food and entertainment

Countries involved: Mexico, Ireland, Poland, Africa, Germany, Sweden and Italy