Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Day

My $2 heels from Saturday's post have already came out to play. I'm still in disbelief that I get the privilege of calling these beauties mine. The weather has been magnificent and I keep insisting on showing a little leg and spending very possible moment outside. Matt and I attempted to set sail on another flea market voyage until we were derailed by a lying liar on Yelp who posted the wrong date. We were bummed for about 15 seconds, said a few how dare he’s and moved on to lunch in Old Town Pasadena. We secured a coveted window seat and were able to people watch between bites. We observed proud parent's pushing their children, elderly couples holding hands and groups of friends laughing. Watching these people steered up chatter about how all these people represent the present and future us. It’s bizarre and thrilling to think that one day we'll be responsible for a little life and will one day walk wrinkly hand in wrinkly hand while drinking senior coffees and waving our canes. Unlike most, I don't fear the grandfather clock and look forward to all "some days" we talk about.
A nice Sunday won't be complete without a treat!
The raspberry and pistatico macaroons I ate were killer.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Major Steals

Last night Matt and I babbled back and forth on possible ways to spend this Saturday morning. Jokingly, I Googled "Events in Pasadena" as a last resort and was hit with tons of options. For instance the Rose Bowl was hosting the 10th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational complete with 250 amateurs and 50 professionals. If you're a Rob and Big fan you'll  remember the episode when they enter the competition. Since Matt and cheese are arch enemies we decided to stop by a large charity yard sale instead :)
(Glasses $0.25 each, Heels $2, Purse $1, Tie $1, and there is also
a hidden pair of Michael Kors heels I also picked  up for $2)
I wish we had arrived sooner, there were tons of modern and vintage furniture pieces going for pennies with SOLD signs on them! It was the most organized and well merchandised event of this kind I've ever been to. Complete with departments, cash registers, and clerks. We especially enjoyed seeing and old fashioned refrigerator for 30 bucks and a dainty vintage vanities for 40 (of course, we left them behind as we had no use or room for them).
After being bit by the shopping bug, we cruised over to a swap meet being held at a nearby college.
I love being outside and enjoying the sun with my honey. Below are our food truck delicacies and super sweet beverages! Matt is on a bottled Coke kick right now and well, I'm always on a Sangria kick.
Yum Yum!
Do you like my denim button up? I bought it off a man for a dollar, oh and it gets better, it's Levis and I just found a nearly identical one online for 49.99! It was difficult not to immediately break out into a victory dance and blow my poker face. I gave him my dollar and jetted out of sight. Also, Matt picked 4 CD's at a dollar each so everyone left gleaming.
Lesson of the day: Googling events in your local cities are key to cheap fun!
Happy Saturday friends and please stop by my friend Jenn's blog and check out the giveaway we got going on!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Short and sweet

Our daughter cat was running around our condo last night with this balloon in
either her hand or mouth at all times. She never fails to make us laugh and smile.
  Have a smile worthly weekend and I hope to get some lengthlier posts in soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Living the College Life

Is it summer yet?
I have what seems like an eternity (1 month) left of cramming, test taking, and lonely coffee dates. Sometimes I go psychotic like that kid in "Talladega Nights" and joke with people that I'm going to come after them like a spider monkey because I'm hyped up on Mountain Dew. My new diet and crazy lady antics have come from my inablity to complete my last math requirement. I'm constantly visiting my teacher during his office hours and even greet him with "Hello bestfriend, I'm back" and " Did you miss? Because I missed you." I've proclaimed to him on several occassions that if I don't do well in his class it won't be due to lack of effort. 
My best and only friends:
Coffee, Diet Mountain Due, and a breakfast sandwich.
My two loves napping together while I study till the wee hours of the night. At least I have
a good view. Speaking of views, when I finish school I'm hoping to plan a vacation to The Cliff House Inn in Santa Barbara. It is a super affordable, oceanfront Inn that a friend of mine highly recommeded. Do you have any summer getaways planned? I need more ideas.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Danny Boy

 My brother Danny is turning is 23 and I decided a little surprise was inorder. He is a great guy and I'm so proud of the man he is growing into. The other day I lead him to believe that him and his girlfriend (Thanks Melissa for playing 007 with me) were simiply coming over to my place to watch TV. Upon arriving he was greeted by his favorite beverage, frosted brownies, and a poorly wrapped shirt (I need to start a gift wrap box and stop recycling i.e. used Valentines tissue paper). 
 Korean Drinking etiquette (or so I've been told)
In Korea it's customary for one not to pour their own drinks. Since I don't believe in breaking tradition I made sure our table poured heavily and frequently for the birthday boy. I also found out that whether you use one or two hands makes a huge difference. When pouring for a person who is older or holds importance one must use two hands. Needless to say our table had a bunch of scrabbling arms making sloppy one handed pours. Besides pouring we did a whole lot of eating. For 17.99 you can eat all you want for as long as you want. Each table comes equipped with a buzzer that looks like a door bell that when pushed summons a waiter with additional food (beef, chicken, sirloin, octopus and squid to name a few), . We ended up pushing that button for 3 hours before rolling out of there. If you're in the Los Angeles area Road to Seoul is a must!
Happy Birthday Danny! I love you!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I like my vest

Undoubtedly denim is a red hot trend that has relocated itself from our legs and set up camp on our shoulders. I was delighted when I found this little vest for 12.97(holla! The sale racks have been gracious to me lately)! I admit it, I completely dig it and when the denim band wagon drove by I hopped right on. I'm really loving Spring fashion this year and can't get enough!

Here is how I'm planning on styling the vest later this week. I already have a orange skirt and will most likely shirt nap one of Matt's Ts :)
 Side note: When I think of denim I always think back to these two style offenders.
Do not commit a denim on denim crime. I consider it the biggest fashion faux pas one can commit.
I present my evidence above. It wasn't cool then, and you know you're laughing and agreeing it's not cool now. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Words from our photographer's site: I'm sorta in love with this shoot and the couple. Jessica has an awesome sense of style and shares it in her addicting style blog ( Matt has a respectable knowledge and taste for good music, oh and graduated college at 18 (nbd). Their first date was over a bet and he proposed on leap day this year (♥). As we hung out all morning they educated me on sweet places to check out in LA and new TV shows to get hooked on. I didn't want to stop shooting (read: hanging out), soo excited for their wedding! 

I'm extremely touched by the words she shared about us and decided to share few about her. I've known Anne since 7th grade and she is the kindest and sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is always smiling and has undeniable skill and passion for her craft. We had such a memorable and enjoyable experience running around town with her and can't wait for her to shoot our wedding. Click HERE to see the rest of our engagement album and more of her FABulous work! 

 Something neat: There is great sentiment in each of the locations we chose. They both tie into Matt's childhood and places he'd frequent with his parents and would later share with me. He celebrated his 7th Birthday at the Observatory and would spend endless hours at Amoeba Records picking out CDs with his father.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vitamin D

Life has been rough recently and I was so glad to get a much needed dose of vitamin D with one of my best friends. My friend Christa and I took a stroll by Union Station, through Olvera Street, and down to Chinatown. The sun was shinning extra bright and the streets were full of German tourists, the occasion odd ball, and of course cute friends like us.
Ni Hao (hello) Chinatown and big belly Buddha!
The Chinese markets we ventured through offered endless photo opportunities and nic-nacs to play with.
After playing with a costume dragon head or two we went searching for an eye ball or a chicken leg to eat. Yes you read that correctly. Christa is obsessed with the travel channel and shows that feature odd eats and delicacies. Sadly a majority of the eccentric food carts only roll around on weekends. 
Oh well...we bought plants and sandals instead:)

Have a beautiful day and be thankful for your friends and family.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hidden Treasure

I've been window shopping and gawking like a fool at the store below for who knows how long. I had a little extra time on my hands today and decided to finally poke my head in.
The store was full of hand made and vintage pieces...I was in heaven.
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
Look at all theses beauties!
I want, I want , I want, I want, and I want some more:)
To my amazement they had a bridal section full of one of a kind vintage and custom made pieces. I had the best time trying on different veils and heads pieces. Their bridal designer, a complete doll might I add, happened to be on site. We instantly hit it off (BFF status) and ended up spending nearly an hour working out accessories for my bridesmaids and myself. I am over the moon with excitement!
Eye candy galore!
Lesson of the day: Don't be lazy. If you want to check something out, do it! It might be exactly what your looking for!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A moment

The recent rains have equated for days spent indoors and tucked away. My cat daughter and I spent the majority of yesterday listening to rain from our fortress of blankets. I've been feeling ill again so my only entertainment has been watching her chase the occasion shadow. When Matt got home I was thrilled for a companion I could actually converse and get a meal with. We decided to take a lengthy drive just for the sake of doing so. Despite being nearly 7pm the evening was beautiful and the sky looked as if the sun was fighting the moon for a little more time. There was something so simple and romantic about the moments that made up our drive. I was truly taken aback and found myself holding in a (I’m so happy I could burst) tear or two. This story doesn't have a grand ending nor does it need to. Things can be both simple and beautiful. Too often love is quantified in roses and gifts when it can simply be found in a quick moment.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Items I'm thirsty for this Thursday:
 NEW gems for my home! Today is the day I finally
start buying some of the items I've been collecting on Pinterest.

Dear Pinterest,
Thanks for being a girl's best friend.
Me and the rest of the world.

Some new gear for getting my splish splash on!

Dear Jessica,
I miss your body. When can we
get together?
The Sun

In my opinion a girl can never have enough dresses!
I'm currently looking for new and CHEAP shopping outlets.
If you know of any great websites please send them my way!
I'm hoping to get some time to wander a few 2nd hand stores and pick up the
pieces needed to assemble these babes. Anthropologie is the selling the
three above for a small fortune when I know I can swing it around $15.

Happy Thursday my friends!
Cheers to the coming weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New New!

My newest obsession are these killer Michael Kors sunnies I picked up last week! I love how they follow the over sized trend but have a little retro flare.
Have you started gearing up for summer yet? Any big plans?
My friend  TORI and I launched a giveaway today that could definitely help you get started!
Hurry over to her blog for complete deets on how this outfit can be yours!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


You're never too old for a Easter Basket! Matt and I decided to hit up Target not only the day before Easter(super slim pickings) but together (surprise killer). Our shopping trip quickly turned into us avoiding each other and running down opposite aisle when the other was in sight. I may or may not have been asked to slow my roll by an agitated employee:)
Holidays get me excited, what can I say?
Sunday was absolutely beautiful. I spent the whole day overeating and relaxing with family.
Had a cup or two of bubbly with my grandma and mom.
Watched my niece hunt for Easter eggs. She was the only grandchild there this year and loved not having any competition.
I hope your holiday was just as wonderful!
Happy Late Easter!