Monday, December 10, 2012


I really like the holidays and have dedicated that past week to all things Christmas and cheerful (NO Grinches allowed). For the past seven days I've been gazing at beautiful trees, eating too many treats, and celebrating some awesome traditions! 
These cupcakes are from Crumbs in Glendale, CA and if your ever around these parts this place is a must. Forget everything you've heard about Sprinkles and other cupcake shacks because there is no competition in taste or design. They have everything from standard favors to cupcakes that taste like cosmopolitans and pumpkin spice lattes. 
Before you ask the boot was 4 or 5 bucks at Target, go get it! My boot was quite the hit at the ugly sweater party one of my Co-workers hosted. Nothing is better than a good themed party where everyone really goes all out on their attire. I especially loved the sweater above with the Santa beard. The girl made it herself by sewing on a costume beard she found at a Party City. 
Of all the fun/season/Santa friendly things I did in the past week nothing could top going to Huntington Harbor for the boat parades. Matt and I got invited to view the parade from a friend's waterfront home and as you can see the view didn't disappoint. Every year residents of the harbor elaborately decorate their boats, yachts, and even paddle boats in hopes of beating out one another for the gold. We were beyond impressed and super disappointed that I only had my iPhone to document this great event. I kept joking with Matt that one day when we are old and rich we'll live here and smoke everyone year after year:)
This one was my absolute favorite!
 Mama and Baby reindeer!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Open For Business!

Happy HUMP day my friends! I have a little something to get you through your midweek blues and keep you entertained while your suppose to working and studying for finals:) 

Without further adieu I bring you my Esty shop, Vera and Jane (CLICK IT)!! I've been collecting vintage pieces since my grandmother gave me one of her mother's suitcases in the 5th grade. I named my shop after my grandmother, Vera and great grandmother Jane (who I got my middle name from). They are my style icons and biggest inspirations! They are the kind of women who never leave the house without shoes that matched their handbags and red lipstick.
(The suitcase that started it all)
Today I'm launching 15 pieces in hopes that you'll love my treasures as much as I do! I plan to release another 10 items next week and hope I'll be able to continue at that pace. Please check it out and become one of my admirers!

Thanks for being apart of this little dream of mine!