Monday, December 30, 2013


Sometimes I roll out of bed and rather than changing I hide my pajamas under a second layer of clothes, tuck them into designer boots (gotta get my wins where I can) and go to school. I'm glad to announce that those days might be over and I'm going to try to get more use out of my beloved closet. With that said, I'm going to try, keyword: TRY to take some pictures and start documenting my life again. I've decided to kick this off by posting photos I found on my cell phone and doing a "According to my iPhone" 2013 year recap!

Arizona is absolutely picturesque! I can't deny, I developed a little crush on this desert state. I look forward to putting many more miles on my car, boarding more planes and adding more stamps to my passport in the coming year.

Food, food and more food. 
Food is essential for survival but I'm not about eating the basics. Whenever we travel we seek out famous local bites, food challenges and places we've discovered on Food Network!

Places to write home about: 
Lucha Libre Taco Shop, San Diego, CA- Tap Me Out Taco
Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Las Vegas, NV- Hell's Kitchen Burger
Mantee, Studio City, CA- Kafta Kebab
Hard Rock, Punta Cana, DR- Simplest but most satisfying chicken salad sandwich EVER!

New York City!
This city is truly magical and exceeded all expectations. I had the honor experiencing an exclusive ground zero tour that has forever changed me. I biked the 6.1 mile route through Central Park and made a scene that one of the most grand hotels.

I left my stuffed animal/prized possession in my bed at The Plaza. I called the hotel and I explained he held equal value to my wedding ring and must be retrieved. I skipped lunch and headed to straight to the hotel. The Turkish President happened to be checking in the same time and the lobby was flooded with security. The baggage check was guarded by 5 secret service men who could barely contain their laughter when they followed me into the room and saw that next to their President's mountain of luggage laid one nearly lost and very loved penguin.

Lazy Mornings.
I am so thankful for the love I share with my husband. For the first time our schedules haven't collided and we can take our time waking up on the weekends, making breakfast and cuddling with our cat children.

We have so many life long friends. Thanks for all the adventures, late nights, double dates, drunk dials, Snapchats, drinking rallies and memories yet to be made!

*Cards Against Humanity, play or die.

I was admitted to a by invitation leadership program at Cal Poly. It feels so good to know that on my efforts in and outside of the classroom aren't going unnoticed. I just finished an insane 20 unit quarter and can't wait to graduate in Spring!

My family beats your family like Dallas creamed Buffalo in the 1992 Super Bowl (winks at Cowboys fan husband). Forget your best Vegas story and let us show you how to party! I love being apart of my huge and growing family.

The 49ers are the only team I have loyalty to. Whenever I get invited to see another professional sport I'll wear whatever shirt and cheer for whoever will score me a hotdog and a cold beer. Back to football, I won one of my fantasy leagues and came in second in the other! BOO-YA! I think this picture could be a foreshadowing of next weeks game:)

My addiction of the year. She hates me. Enough said.

Mickey is our homeboy. 
We had our first date here and have evolved into crazy Disney people (Well, at least me). We've walked Main St. more times than I can count and it truly is my favorite place for Friday night dates. We typically chomp down on churros and get on as many rides as possible while everyone else is mesmerized by the fireworks. We will be making our first trip to Disney World in February.

Mr. and Mrs. Gozdecki

Matt asked me the most romantic question that one can ask another and on May 3, 2013 I was so proud and excited to able to live my answer.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

20 Units

Things I've learned/experienced while taking 20 units:

Your cup holders become a fast food graveyard 
Pizza is everywhere: events, classrooms, study groups, club meetings
You never turn down free pizza
Sometimes you cry, sometimes you cry a lot
Fun becomes a bag of M&Ms and a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich
You deface a poster of the food pyramid to give Caffeine proper recognition
You go to your friend's dorm at 9am, she's drinking a beer and you ask if there is more
 Occasionally you could be mistaken for a homeless person
You argue about beer bong like it's an Olympic sport
 Scoliosis comes with your 30 pound backpack
The strap on your backpack breaks the same day as your sandal (see line 4)
You get really excited when you look and feel like a girl:)
So much that you post a picture.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Every Tuesday and Thursday I get out of class during the prime time for student arrivals. This greatly inflates the value of the slab of asphalt my car occupies. In the past it has afforded me rides to my car, scrantons and a gift card to Taco Bell with the remaining balance of $3.25.

On Thursday during my usual walk to my car I heard someone yell at me. I turned back to find a black Mercedes filled with Asian guys dressed as Pokemon. Side Note:I don't know how you say the word Pokemon but I really enjoy making it sound more ridiculous than it already is by emphasizing each syllable.  Any who.......The driver begged for me to allow him to drive me to my car since they were running insanely late. I simply replied, "You have too many Pokemon in your car" and continued on my way. The driver than began yelling at the guys in the backseat in what I believe was Chinese. The back door opened and if I have my characters right, Jigglypuff exited the car. I don't know why but I felt bad for Jiggypuff. The driver must have misunderstood the sad look on my  face as a sign of disapproval and began talking in Chinese again. Jigglypuff got back in the car and Pikachu who was sitting shotgun got out. At this point I felt obligated to take him up on his offer since he was willing to give me shotgun and sellout two of his friends. Poor Pikachu was left behind by student housing, did he make it to class on time? I'd like to think so.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Growing up all I ever wanted to do was paint, play dress-up and merchandise my belongings. I would beg my parent's to buy me vases, picture frames, feather pens and wall art that were completely odd, mismatching or damn right undesirable. I'd spend hours revamping them and merchandising my bedroom till each new outcast found a complementing friend or a place to shine. Needless to say, this was the beginning of my life long battle with hoarding and the realization that I wanted to be in the fashion industry. I promised myself after taking out my first school loan that I'd one day attend/work/buy at the Magic Trade Show and work in the California Market Center.....and this weekend that dream came true.


Along with my pictures here are a few highlights:

Watching a million trillion runway shows

Catching a glance at Darryl MDC McDaniels and Whitney Port

Watching the owner of American Apparel make a fool of himself (wish I could share)

Getting into some awesome industry parties

Learning, learning and more learning

Attending seminars and mixtures

Watching Lil' Jon perform with my best friends (correction: almost). No one should be in Vegas for four days and not expect to not fall asleep standing up:)

.....and this is what I've been up to.

Man & Man

I received a letter in the mail from the city of Los Angeles stating they have not received our marriage license (lies and the lying liars who tell them) and it would be void as of 7/30/13. Shit, balls, fuck I nearly passed out and may have hit a innocent pillow or two. After a near fatal asthma attack and temper tantrum I began rambling incoherently and thumbing through my planner looking for a date where we could get remarried in the county clerks office if front of their bullet and dispute proof glass. 
Yesterday I got off work at one and rushed over with the hopes of quickly fixing my situation but of course was met by a line snaked around the building with no promise I'd make it to the front by closing. I felt completely defeated and called Matt proclaiming that the city had won and I wanted to return home. Over the next hour we called hotlines and hunted through several websites looking for assistant or any type of possible extension. After an hour Matt managed to speak with a live person who confirmed they received it and must have sent the letter out by accident!!! UGH. Right as I was about to exit the line I saw the man in front of me who had been quietly reading his Bible begin making conversation with the people around him. He began taking to two men that he clearly didn't know were gay and asked what they were there for. They proudly proclaimed that they wished to be married and finally had the right to. Without a skip of a beat the man with the bible offered them many blessings, advice and even asked which church they were getting married in. The men giggled a bit to each other and one began telling the other how much he hated the line but would gladly wait 3 hours after waiting three years. I quickly realized that though I had a right to be fuming over my situation that not till recent did all humans have the right to my headache. I smiled at them and walked away feeling a little disappointed in myself and how I had behaved over the situation.

Lesson of The Day: Somewhere there is always a person fighting a harder battle than you. Keep your eyes open to what you have and didn't have to fight for. I love Matt and would marry him a thousand times over and I'm thankful I've always had the right to.

I'm Older

As a teen I would often wonder about about my future self and what my life might be like. Unlike most women, I never feared or despised the inevitable increase in one's age (Ask me that again in 10 years and my answer may change). Year after year I've happily blown out my candles and wished for each new experience, chapter and adventure. Now that my 25th year of life as come to an end my only wish is that I continue to progress. This coming year is going to be huge for me and the direction I take with beginning a career.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Four Wedding Dresses

During my 13 month engagement I owned four different wedding dresses. I know what you are thinking....You didn't keep them all right?....I returned one. Eeek. It all began with A Sue Wong impulse buy. This dress looked like it came straight out of Daisy Buchanan's closet. It screamed 1920's with a low back, intricate bead work and flowing feathers. After a few months I realized it didn't make me feel like a bride and if it was in any color other than white it would fall under special occasion rather than bridal.

Tip 1: Wedding retailers NEVER return dresses, unless they are Nordstrom. The company has placed bridal boutiques in many of their high producing locations.  Dresses range from $800-5,000 and you only pay half at the time of purchase. This is where my dress came from and where it went back to. Very sad day.

Now onto the dress I actually wore. The University I attend received a donation of 2,500 past season wedding dresses for Kleinfield, New York to be sold off and raise money for their Fashion program. I have no idea of the actual retail of my dress but I paid a pretty $300 for it!! This is when I realized I needed to stay true to all things clearance and red sticker that I've always loved.
Tip 2: If you are looking for a deal try attending trunk shows and samples sales. I have a dear friend who had great luck with these type of events.

Tip 3: If you live in Southern California you must check out the Nordstrom Rack in Costa Mesa that is right next door to the glorious South Coast Plaza. They have a large discount designer section as well as the only discount bridal boutique in the company. Since the company is about big brands and on-trend pieces their last season dresses can be found with at least a 50% markdown.

My reception dress came from this rack. It was originally $1,300 and I paid $160 for after seeing it for full price just 3 months prior. It was made by a fresh new designer who had recently dressed Carrie Underwood and Opra. It was originally long with the slightest train but I chopped it to my knee so it would be perfect for dancing.
Lastly, the third dress that won't be making it's a appearance till after our church wedding is a Valentino. I don't like taking about work but at this point it is pretty apparent where I am employed. I highly benefited from their tradition of returns without expiration dates and was able to take home a  two year old returned $5,600 destination Valentino wedding for $100.

In the end this girl lived happily ever after with her man and three dresses that cost less than one.

Bargain hunter for life!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Traditions

Many years ago before I found Mr. Right and before Pinterest made it acceptable for hopeful romantics to publicly plan their weddings, I was shamelessly brainstorming mine. In grocery lines I was more enticed by bridal magazines than the dramatic happenings of celebs. I later found myself expanding my bridal literature to include photography blogs and planning sites. During one of browsing expeditions I came across a photographer who shot a wedding where the family had preserved 6 generations of wedding dresses. I was blown away and for those of you who aren't sharing my excitement understand that these dresses date back to the 1800's and were in an array of colors since they predated the white standard. The bride's family had made it tradition to never share or speak of their collection to the bride until the morning of the wedding. When the bride entered her hotel suite she was was surprised to find her mom, grandma and a gallery of dresses waiting for her. I find this to be such a power, beautiful, and sentimental way to connect to the generations of the past. I have always been a sentimental person and treasure all the family heirlooms my grandma has given to me over years. After reading this story I immediately knew I wanted to start a tradition of my own. I began by asking my mom and grandma stories about their special day, looking through photos and pulling their dresses from storage. I could see the joy they got from seeing their dresses and sharing their memories with me. This lead me to come up with the idea of photographing our dresses side by side and with us standing next to them. 
Once we were done with the shoot we decided that all the dresses needed to be neatly packed away for future generations to enjoy. I hope to see this set of three turn into five in my lifetime.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


To me marriage means more than just loving another person. It means committing to a relationship that will lead to a moment in the distant future where you and your spouse are sitting on the porch of the home you raised your children in, watching their children run and play about the yard. I want to hold Matt's wrinkled hand and laugh about the dozen cats we've owned, the nights we sipped too much, the countries we visited, and the adventures we never stopped going on. This is our time and the beginning of our story...

Now at last they were
beginning Chapter One
of the Great Story
no one on earth
has ever read.
which goes on forever:
in which every chapter is better
than the one before.
C.S. Lewis

18 days down and a life time to go!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Style

Recently my grandma decided to hand down to me some clothes she has been holding onto since the 1950's. This is great and all except she had a bombshell body complete with the smallest waist which isn't exactly compatible with me. I found a couple winners and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear them out.

Below is a dress I've been obsessing for on Pinterest for the past few months and look how lucky I got....

I wore it to church today with a jacket and felt beyond beautiful!

Short and sweet! 5 days till my wedding!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Wedding Santa, I just made you up! When Matt and I created our wedding registry we clicked a little box that gave our guests the option of mailing gifts rather than lugging them to the wedding. We have amazing friends and family and the gifts have been pouring in! It has been a real treat seeing the Wedding Santa/UPS man regularly.

Dear Wedding, You are 7 days away!  I love you and hate you so passionately that I'm going to end our letter right now. See you soon!

Dear Me, Chill out! Slow down! I know things are getting wild but you can't let the madness run you. Take time for yourself in the next week to breath and reflect on the beautiful day that you are about experience. If all else fails start spiking your drinks and get in a little retail therapy.

Dear Ceramic Birds, I can't believe I own 70 of you and had to pill stickers off everyone of your bottoms. #decorproblems

Dear Husband, Our anniversary is two days before we get married and we are going to paint the town! No cells phones permitted just kissing, dancing, hand holding, booze sipping, and cab catching! This is our your time.

The few wedding sneak peaks I'll allow:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

USED and It Feels Soooo Good!

Dress: $5 Vintage-Rose Bowl swap meet, Purse: $1- Rose Bowl swap meet, Heels: $2 Highschool rumage sale, Levis Denim button up-$1 Los Angeles City College swap meet.

Grand Total: $9

I can't stay away from clearance stickers, bargin bins and second hand clothing. I normally pick up a new garment on a weekly basis which leads most to believe I have a shopping addiction (eh, maybe?) or extreme credit card debt. I shop this frequently because I don't have a habit or hobby like smoking, gambling, getting manis and pedis or Starbucks chugging that is consuming all my loot. 

New shirt > Blended premix concoction and coffee cake

A new shirt will always be my undisputed champion.

This is the type of sales floor I hit to collect my treasures and spend that weekly $35 that I didn't sip away. I'm going to start a series of posts show casing insanely cheap outfits like my $9 one above.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


(Sweater: Free People, Dress: No name, No English speaking store in Downtown LA, Cross body: Cole Hann, Wedges: Ann Taylor, and Necklaces: Gift) 

Lipstick is responsible for everything from being the icing on a perfect outfit to free drinks, relationships, Instagram pictures, duck face poses, and conception. Ain't that the truth? You're probably laughing right now because you know I'm right and you're probably guilty of at least one or two. This small item has the power to make a girl feel like a woman and add a little Beyonce to anyone's step. So use the force, right? 
I think it is important to feel sexy and for me red lipstick always does the trick.

I'm wearing a discontinued color from Aveda and need help finding a new brand to depend on. Where do you go for your cosmetics? 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beach City EATS

In my opinion everything is better by the sea....

 "By the sea, By the sea, by the beautiful sea!
You and me, you and me, oh how happy we'll be!"

 I appreciate a good meal so much that on any given day I'll drive an hour to Orange County, scoop up some friends and drive another 30 minutes to Laguna Beach. My man loves all things penguins and my friend Christa is somewhere in the realm of obsessed. When we caught wind of a 40 year old joint called the Penguin Cafe it took zero convincing to give it a try. On Friday morning I ditched my diet and fully indulged in an all carb breakfast. Do you see that whip cream snow cap on my pancakes? I was in heaven. The restaurant was super small and covered with penguin figurines, pictures, paintings, and stuffed animals that they've acquired over the years. It is definitely worth checking out and only a few feet from a set of stairs that takes you right onto the beach.
Recently Matt and I began religiously watching and rewatching Man VS. Food. Not that I'll be visiting middle America anything soon but I'm now fully educated on where to find the best BBQ, milkshakes and donuts the size of my head. We love watching episodes where the restaurants are in Southern California and the food we fall for is obtainable. On Saturday my friend Vanessa took the two of us on a getaway to San Diego and we couldn't pass the opportunity to eat at Lucha Libre. It is a small gourmet taco shop with Pepto Bismol pink walls covered in Luchador pictures and masks. They love Luchadors so much that they give discounts if you order while wearing a traditional mask.

What I ordered and the contents:

Tap Me Out Taco: Chicken, french fries, grilled veggies, cheese, poblano sauce, and sliced avocado.
Veggie Taco: Black beans, panela cheese, grilled zuchini, mushrooms, corn, and poblano sauce.

Hungry? Ya, I thought so.
Life is too short to eat boring food!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and Pearls

This fashionista is in some desperate need of some Chanel but will be left to fake it until she makes it. 
(Glasses: F21 $3, Long Sleeve: Target $7, Skirt: Nordstrom Rack $8, Necklace: Gift $0, and Clutch Nordstrom Rack $15. Not bad for $33 bucks)

I had a romantic and feminine Easter outfit planned out in my head that didn't exactly translate into real life. Over the past month I collected some killer pieces but made the mistake of not assembling them until this morning and 15 minutes before I needed to leave to church. BIG fail. In my moment of panic I decided to channel my style icon, Coco Chanel since it was the only way I can justify wearing black on a day ruled by pastels.
Normal eggs are so last year.
I hope your Easter was well spent sipping some bubbles and chatting with family. I treasure and enjoy celebrating the relationship I have with my man. We fell asleep last night sipping chocolate, peanut butter, and banana beer on the sofa and woke up with the excitement of Christmas morning to exchange Easter baskets. You are never too old for plastic eggs filled with reese cups.

Live and Love passionately!