Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nom Nom

Matt and I like to get our farmer's market on by chandelier light. In Glendale there is beautiful outdoor mall that turns their trolley route into a red tent lined market on Saturdays. Matt and I get way too excited when we see samples, eat 10 too many, feel bad, and over spend to compensate. I swear we are going to eating 2 foot long carrots and hummus all week.
Monster veggies, check!
Fresh fruit juice, two please!
Lunch time greatness and 12 napkins later.
Me giggling after tricking Matt into going to Anthropologie.
Matt-" Hey, Hey, I didn't sign up for this"
Jessica-"This is the eternity you signed up for"
Jessica-"You're marrying me, welcome to the rest of your shopping life honey"

Friday, March 30, 2012


Cardi- Halogen, Skirt- Winter Kate, Tank- sample sale $2, Satchel- Kate Spade, and boots $5!
I saved these booties from a clearance bin in San Francisco five years ago! In my teens San Francisco was nearly a second home, I miss it.

Flash back to circa 2006, I had to log on to Myspace for these.
A cute house
Late night sushi
Barn party in Sonoma
49er game, I swear I can make friends anywhere
The view from my Uncle's
My brother and I at Love Fest!
Love Fest Float
Christa and I in a fountain
Cruising the Golden Gate

I love looking at old pictures and being reminded of where I've been and where I want to go. Before I die, I hope I'll have the courage to ditch my car and voyage across by foot. I'm planning a road trip this summer so it could happen much sooner than later!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Falling in love and getting to eat that love is the best way to describe these, so glamours right? On Sunday, I decided to round up my favorite ladies and officially ask them to be in my wedding! All these girls are very dear to me and I'm honored to call them true friends and family.
Inside the cards the I wrote "Now it's my turn to POP the question, will you be my bridesmaid/maid honor?"
I carried the POP theme from the cards to the champagne and Ring pops. This is just one of many fun gatherings to come, so I hope you, dear reader, are ready for all things wedding all the time!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party of one

I have officially dined alone for the first time. My life has been in over drive and all I wanted this morning was a big juicy meal. To make myself feel better about the situation I'm going to call it a victory meal. This morning I contested a grade I felt I was low balled on and WON! Goodbye C, hello B!!! I decided to go to Denny's since they welcome lone rangers and have single bar sitting. My meal was fantasic, I didn't feel as awkard as I thought and a fellow lone ranger shared his newpaper with me:)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hey Joey!

On Saturday night some of my ladies happened to be in my part of LA and we decided to our shimmy shake on. When we entered the club a group of five guys immediately danced their way over to us. Despite being three very taken women, we welcomed their company because one of them looked exactly like Joey Fatone from NSYNC! We couldn't help making jokes and asking when Justin and the rest of the boys would be showing up. Shortly after they spilt and we continued our Dane Cook, no men, I just want to dance session!
An hour later the boys danced their way back to us. The Joey look a-like claimed he had found the unthinkable, a person who looked more like Joey than him! We followed him through the crowds and sure enough we weren't disappointed! Together with the old Joey we approached the new Joey for a photo but with the level of noise he didn't seem to understand what we were asking. Our attempt failed but we still have the picture below to prove our efforts. See those side burns and that crazy girl? Haha!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back in the swing of things

(Heels-Target, Necklace- Brass Plum, Dress and Cardi- Nordies)
Its been many moons since I've felt well enough to comb my hair or wear cute clothes.
Here is a few tidbits from my week:

 Question for you, my dear reader: Does registering a 100+ degree temperature excuse going to 7-Eleven in heart printed boxers, your man's shirt, fancy flats, and a zebra blanket? Yeah, I think so too. My scary, sniffling, sick self was craving cherry slurpees and I would not let anything get in the way, especially my appearance. I may not be a doctor, but I'd like to think that sugar treat was what helped me beat the feverish heat.
Crazy Town
While driving I saw a car with its back window completely covered by a sticker that said "Fuck Love" I had to catch up, I had to see the person who felt so "expressive"... and to my amazement there was 30 something year old male dancing like it was going out of style. I felt like he was sending a message, like "Hey world, she stole my heart, but she can never steal my spirit!" A broken-hearted Braveheart, if you will.
He told you
A movie is being filmed in the courtyard of Matt's building. Matt nearly got in an altercation with one of their PR people who thought he was a misplaced extra. Instead of allowing him to explain, Mr. Big Shot poked at Matt (get your hands off my man) and he got in his face about how they didn't need him quite yet and this wasn't his scene. Matt finally had to speak over him and say "I'm not an actor! This is my real life and real clothes, I work here! Get out of my face!" As Matt walked off the whole crew broke into ohhhhs and dangs!
Fancy Halls
I've come across many inspirational fortune cookies but never a second look-worthy cough drop. Until now. Halls is crossing into fortune land by including quotes like "Together we can do this", "One drop at a time", "Give yourself a high-five", and "You can't be beat" on their wrappers. I dig it.

I'm excited for a healthy and happy weekend, the END:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dinner Club

Dinner club: an excuse for us ladies to assemble monthly, chit chat, and eat yummy food!  
Monday was our first official meeting at Kentro Greek Kitchen (Atmosphere and food are absolutely tops) and to my amazament there was gifts, balloons, and cupcakes waiting for me!
Thanks again Candice for whipping up these beauties!
I devoured one cupcake on the spot and have been rationing the leftovers out like scarce resources for breakfast each morning.
Hey, I like what I like:)
To my dear friends:
Many thanks for all your constant support and love over the years.
 You really know how to make a gal feel special.


Below is my Kate Spade do or die wish list...
A bag to describe my eating habits and a passport cover to represent my future status.
Hey Payday, where are you?

Monday, March 19, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ninja!

And the ninja!
Happy Monday! I hope your St. Patty's day was as eventful as mine!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Engagement Story

It’s kind of a long story – perhaps it’s not, and I simply feel the need to over explain myself from time to time. This will be one of those times; forgive me, but a girl only gets to experience this once.
The chain of events all began in mid January when Matt took me engagement ring shopping! (Weeeee!) It was a really giddy, awkwardly silly, and utterly romantic experience. Butterflies and bubbles were bustling around in both of our stomach. Afterwards I called my mother and maybe one too many of my girlfriends, but from that day forward it was game on and I was just waiting in the end zone to haul in the game winning pass.
February is traditionally a month filled with romance, and ours was no exception. Every week we went on multiple proposal worthy dates.  Our Valentine’s Day lasted 4 days with flowers, sushi and cupcakes in downtown Pasadena, trips to the theatre, and while he tracked down a darling book I wanted, there was no sight of anything I could fit on my fourth finger. The weekend after we drove up Pacific Coast Highway (the water was beautiful) and into the Hills of Malibu for wine tasting and later ended that evening strolling the shops in Santa Monica… and still nothing! The weekend after that my Mom along with my younger brother and his girlfriend were coming over for a BBQ. The morning of I find out my other brother, Dad, sister and her boyfriend would also be coming. Matt hit the grocery store alone and in the place of the discussed hamburgers and soda came bottles of wine and tri-tip. Matt has meshed with my family since the first time I introduced him, so I figured he must want to prepare a great meal and ask me to marry him in front of my loved ones. They came, they left, and no special questions had been asked. The next day Monday, he asked if I would like to go on a date that Saturday……all I could think was really? Another one of your dates? Silly boy.  The next day, Tuesday he asked if I would like to go on date on Wednesday instead, I said yes.
Wednesday, February 29th sometime around 5:30pm Matt told me before we went out he had a gift for me. The gift was one of those digital frames where you can upload pictures to. In the beginning he was super claim and explained that since I take so many pictures it was a fitting gift. He then opened the box and while assembling it told me he had already uploaded some photos. This is where he lost his cool and started shaking a bit. He had actually up loaded 50 pictures of us starting with the one we took on the first day we met and finishing with one from our date in Malibu. After that last photo the screen read…This picture frame holds virtually an infinite amount of photos…it can hold a life time of memories….I want to spend the rest of my life with you trying to completely fill it. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!
And that is how a Ms. M turns into a Mrs. G!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I'm thirsty for this Thursday!

Valentino studded cat's eye sunglasses.
Super pricey $$$ but I love them none the less.
Kitty Ring
This little babe is a must! I found her for 7 bucks on!

I'm extra thirsty for a quick getaway.
Maybe a day trip to Catalina?

I love her head to toe!
My thirst for clothes will NEVER be quenched.

I'm thirsty for the next couple weekends!
There are memories to be made and friends to see!

Happy Thursday everyone, the weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Living out loud

 I'm not spicy enough to sport yellow pants so above are my versions of the "IN" color blocking/popping
 look. I love how vibrant, young and playful the trends are! I recently found the juiciest and most colorful dress for my engagements, yaya!

Something neat: Matt and I have a bet that if Operation Skinny bride is a success and I reach my goal weight he is going to shave off all his facial hair! For those of you that don't know, he has spent the better part of a decade sporting a fierce beard! I will show no mercy in my quest to leave his face baby soft! My secret weapon - I'm obsessed with my new gym and their cardio movie theatre; watching movies has turned my one hour work outs into two!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Playing with your food.

Thinking of cheap dates can be difficult but I think I did decent.
I now give you, Edible arts and crafts Date night!
Rice Krispies+Marshmallows+butter= $6 fun
It took us a whole 5 minutes to cook it up, plop it on the table and start sculping.
There was a lot more eating than sculping but that is how we do.
Nom nom.
My feature creatures, I think one is half human, half snowman? The other... a cat or mini horse?
I'm normally the craftly one but this time he earned a well deserved win.
Show off.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Buried in a flower pot

Yesterday I was able to track down a nearly impossible to find dress for a woman. She was ecstatic to say the least, hugged me and would've kissed me if I had allowed it. She explained that she was going to be wearing it her parent's 60th wedding anniversary and how happy she was that despite their bad health they made it this far... I thought she was going to stop there, but she continued to go into great detail about the event. (Her parent's grew up in Mexico, the reception color is red, they're having 348 guests instead of 350 because Uncle Juan and his wife got in a fight etc....)
[It's important to note, that her English wasn't exactly English.]
Woman "Hava you beens to da flowers, ah down, cheap place?"
Me "If you mean the flower district in downtown Los Angeles, yes, you can buy flowers there for pennies."
Woman "You knows whats else you get theres real cheap?
Me "No, what?"
Woman "Umm...ehh dos dings ehh those contains for keeping dead people."
Me (currently mortified and oddly smiling) "You mean an urn?"
Woman "Ahh yes yes! So cheap I bought two"

My conclusion: I can't help but believe this poor woman stumbled across a bunch of elaborately decorated pots and mistook them for urns. I couldn't allow her unknowing parents to end up in planters one day so I responded, "Are you sure they weren't flower pots?" She gave me a look like I was the crazy one and walked away.

Oh, the people I meet.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The "F" word

  • There is something oddly funny about the F word (Fiance) and I can't help but giggle each time I try to say it. I love what it means but I feel like a dork when I say it.
  • Getting punched in the back by a 5 year old and then listening to him explain how sorry he is for mistaking me for his mom, little jerk.
  • Being out of breath after running around the block just once :/
  • Getting Employee of the month! Woo hoo!
  • My current jam, "Feel so close" by Calvin Harris
  • Being the proud owner of a wedding dress! I know that's fast but it kind of found me!
  • Eating a real fatty meal tonight because Operation Skinny Bride starts tomorrow!
  • The Rustic Spoon in N. Hollywood, you have to try the Thai Drunken Noodles! (Thanks Randy and Becky)
Kitty photo bomb!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb. 29th

 Matt is truly everything I dreamt of as a child and searched for as a young adult.
 As a child I remember placing a floral pillow case on my head and parading through my hallways  singing "Here comes the bride".
As a young adult I remember studying Greek Mythology and how they believed men and women were once one and that motivated by jealously the gods cut them in half, forcing humans to spend their whole lives searching to be complete. I wondered would I find the one to make me whole? The one that every Disney movie promised me? The one that I could spend my life with?

On February 29th, I was asked the most romantic question one person can ask another and I'm so proud I got to say yes.
The Future Mr. and Mrs. G!