Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wayan's Brothers

Love him.
Love them.
Saturday was pretty normal we just hung-out with our celebrity friends and went out to dinner (HA, if only).You can omit the former from that claim and accept the latter as the only truth. On Friday I caught wind that the Wayan's Brothers were scheduled to perform at a Improv in Orange County over the weekend and jumped at opportunity to see the pair in all their glory. Matt and I both grew up watching their comedy show and recently discussed how hilarious we found them both to be. We lucked out and were able to secure two VIP meet and greet tickets which landed us front row seats and a little time with the boys after the show. It was pretty wild to be in arms reach of the guys throughout the entire show. Their performance was definitely a crowd pleaser that had me crying, hyperventilating, snorting, and laughing.

 I love that I'm marrying someone who is spontaneous, playful, and believes in truly dating one another as much as I do. Every weekend lends an opportunity for a new adventure and I forever someone to take them with me.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Say Yes to a Cheap Dress!

Are you familiar with the show Say Yes to The Dress? If I could hear your replies I'd bet that wasn't even a necessary question. Kleinfeld so generously donated 2,500 wedding gowns to the fashion program I am a part of at Cal Poly Pomona. We have been given the freedom to use the dresses in any beneficial way.

So if you or someone you know is in the market for a wedding gown, and you happen to be in or around Southern California, we will be selling them to the public on October 12th. The dresses retailed from $1,000 on up to the price of a small car, but we've now deeply discounted them - prices range from $300 to $750. While some are older styles, others are couture gowns and right with current trends. If your interested email me and I can arrange an appointment for you to see them before the set date. This is an amazing opportunity for my program and I'd love any help spreading the word!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Like a Boss

I don't have much to share today. Really, just the same old song on repeat - but it's a beautiful song. Matt and I had a lovely dinner tonight, and I'm heading out for drinks with one of my girlfriends shortly. I'm perfectly content, but I needed an excuse to share my outfit of the day. Hope you enjoy!

(Jacket: Nordstrom, Necklace: Forever 21 and proudly picked out by Matt, and dress: Thrifted $5)
Oh hello Cat Daughter

I feel like a boss marching around in this get up.

I'll catch up with you all soon. Ciao!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


(Heels-F21 $18, Purse- gift, and dress-Nordstrom Rack $25 from $185 Holla)

Always the guests never the bride and groom...well, at least until our turn in May. We've been lucky enough to celebrate many happy marriages this year and Saturday was no exception. The Jones wedding was an extremely intimate tearjerker and the stage to some of the best speeches I've ever heard. I had many moments where I thought to myself, "Oooooo you should write that down". 
After the wedding I went to my friend's 27th birthday party that came complete with a Slip and Slide (forever young)! The eight year old in me was jumping for joy while the rest me was sure that participating would lead to a broken a bone. I had a YOLO moment (just kidding, I think that acronym should die) and decided to fly face first down the yellow and purple pastic. It feels good to just let go once in a while:)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Big Books, I like you and I cannot lie. Well, I've learned to love you and hope you’re worth every over priced penny. Dear Soul, a big chunk of your square footage has been sold to the man down stairs to pay for my education. Hopefully it's just good-bye for now. Dear San Francisco, did you miss me? I just booked a flight and will be back exploring your windy streets in early November. I can't wait for your food, shopping, nightlife, and adventures. Dear Matt, thanks for always kissing and telling me you love me at least 20 times a day. I think you’re quite the dish and It's good to know the feeling is mutual. Oh and I broke the garbage disposal but it's OK because you love me? Dear Wedding, you're 7 months way and I feel like I've been engaged for two years. Can we work some magic and do something about this? Dear Weekend, I'm so glad we get to start our three days of fun together! We have a wedding, birthday, brunch, and a alligator slip n' slide waiting for us!
Random: I need these two shirts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm a Crook

Did I get your attention? I'm a minor crook, the type that sneaks candy in movie theaters and from time to time might put a little Sprite in a designated water cup. I've been so busy that I haven't had the luxury of writing much less breathing. Last week, two days before the celebration of my birth Matt and I went to movies. During the drive he grew extremely disappointed when he discovered that of all days I opted for a little clutch over my normal luggage sized purses and the only thing he'd be smuggling past Cinema security would be a packet of gum or a ugly Tootsie Roll. Being the problem solver that I am I suggested that he give my MK Purse two days early and to not dare deny is wasn't currently rolling around in his trunk. It took him a whole 2 seconds to it pull of his drunk trunk and fill it with sodas, M&Ms, gummy bears, and apples rings. We both think we won.
(Top: Daniel Rainn, Shorts & Heels: Nordies, and my purse/candy smuggler: Michael Kors.)
Lastly, I invite you to stop by, her and I completed a really fun Q&A and she a has a number of fun giveaways and post going on this week!

Mama Bun

Since I joined the blog world I've participated in numerous link-ups, contest, and giveaways. Today I'm really excited to present a little something I won from The site is run by a animal loving crafter who was giving away a personalized pet mat from her Esty store (a must see) to one lucky blogger. The contest called for a photo of your furbaby and of course I sent in three of Cali and we won! 
Here is her new mat:
Cali was dancing all over it last night. I had Becky write Mama Bun (when she sleeps she looks like a little cinnabon and I love it) on it since I refer to her by that more than her actual name. Thanks Becky for the awesome prize!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I don't know about you but I believe birthdays are too much fun to celebrate in one day and I'm currently on day three of my celebration. My wolf pack is full of amazing people who truly know how to make a girl feel special. In the recent year I've turned into such a softy and will cry for just about anything. I found myself holding back tears of happiness from time to time because everything was just that good. Nothing is better than having your friends, family, and the one you love all together in one spot celebrating your life. We started the festivities on Wednesday at this Sushi restaurant I've been going to since high school. It is the type of restaurant that would forgive a couple years on your ID for mix cds. True Story, when your friends with the owner and his wife likes American music odd exchanges can happen.
We ended the night on my parent's couches and my sweet mom nursed us with pancakes and orange juice in the morning. After eating Matt and I set out with the only plan of being at my Grandparent's by five. On our first date we went to Disneyland and I've been aching to return to where our relationship began. Since it isn't worth paying the crazy ticket prices to stay only till the evening we ran around Downtown Disney (I got emotional) and then we randomly decided to go to an Angel Game.
Sometimes no plan is the best plan!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Voice

Your about to have your socks knocked off...
you might need help getting them put back on...or you might think I'm crazy.
(Nerd Alert...we like what we like)
Matt and I had the opportunity to sit and spin around on one of the actual chairs from The Voice! Please excuse my awkward reaction but I thought they were taking a picture not a video. The Voice is one of the few shows that I will forever vow my allegiance and week nights to!
I don't know how your spending your Monday night but I'm beyond content sipping my banana cream milkshake and drooling over Blake Shelton.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I’m an extremely sentimental person who is driven by her hyperactive emotions. When getting my new phone/provider it didn’t dawn me that I could lose my voicemails since I kept my original number. In my voicemail box I’ve been safe guarding a voicemail Matt left me the night we met, 3 years and 4 months ago. I feel like death. To some this may come across as overreacting but it was truly one of my most prized memories and a reminder of where our journey began.  I think too often in long term relationships people forget about their beginnings and pure joy that comes with falling in love.
RIP voicemail, I will miss you….
How I got through today’s tragedy: Retail and food therapy.
In my opinion, that combination can force rays of sunshine through even the thickest and darkest clouds. Matt and I went on one of our famous midweek dates and did a something we each enjoy. We hit the theatre and saw The Campaign (trust me, it’s rental worthy, rather than 11 bucks each worthy). Right by the theatre is a huge antique store that we played around in for an hour. The store has an amazing high quality selection of goodies, but due to its ritzy location (the Paseo Colorado in Pasadena) you won’t be scoring any deals. Boo. We ended the night at Sizzler - yes we like that place, yes we dig the salad bar, and no we don’t feel that we need to defend our position. We also love that it’s always quiet – a fringe benefit to being the only patrons that aren’t eligible to order off of the seniors’ menu.
I will rebuild. The end:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 In high school I was the first of my gal pals to successfully convince their parent's to purchase them a coveted cell phone. Now 10 years later I'm last one to join the smart phone brigade. YES, my days of hand written directions, facebooking on Matt's phone, and surfing the web from only my laptop are over! I will surely miss the times I'd run into other internetless cellphone users and exchange a high five or a "heck yes" in support of one another. True story, I once got a fist pump inside a Jamba Juice once.

I've been insanely busy with my promotion and hope  to start again....hopefully but for now I'll share photos from my new phone (Yes, I am obsessed):

Zebras, indoor gardens, LA County Fair, fried Dodger dogs, and classic cars!