Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Tuesday

1. The rate at which the guy behind me in class is breathing. I understand that the intake of oxygen is fundamental to our existence, but his deep, groggy, and near death breathing patterns scare me.
2. Paying 16 dollars for the scrumptious looking but average tasting monsters pictured above.
3. Reaching the register after 45mins of shopping and realizing you don't have your wallet. Yesterday was extremely unfortunate:(
4. Wearing two different colored sandals to a really nice restaurant. In my defense, sea foam green and light blue might as well be brother and sister.

1. Going to Vegas for exactly 24 hours this weekend just to party!
2. Being able to name all 50 states in less than a minute and shocking the non-believers. Boo-yah!
3. Winning second place in my first fantasy league and finally collecting my winnings.
4. Finding super expensive text books on Amazon.com for less than 10 bucks.
5. Textured tights. I've become obsessed.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make your own luck

I got a promotion!
I've been concentrating attentively on staying strong, keeping positive, and working like a mad woman in all that I do. I'm thrilled to be given this NEW opportunity and can't wait to dive in!

Now onto celebrating.....hehe....I really want to buy myself a present :)
More money, more problems?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jessica problems

Failing to complete a flip from one bed to the other, Jessica problems.
 Thinking I can do anything when fueled by liquid courage, Major Jessica problem.
Having tissue hanging for your nose in pictures, Jessica problems.
I'm allergic to everything from cats (except Cali, she's hypoallergenic and amazing) to trees.
Eating pizza everyday for the past week, Jessica problems.
Eating pizza everyday and wondering why your pants don't fit, Jessica and majority of US population problems.
I wish I could love oatmeal and carrots the way I love sausage and cheese. It's a love no carrot stick can shake.
Some change could be needed but for now I'm going to stay in bed with my cat and continue to eat chips.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tie time

Trying to get a close up of my tie creation hahaha!
Matt has more ties than I have shoes, true story. Yesterday I asked him to donate/retire one of his dying soldiers.
His tie + one vintage broach + 15 mins of hand sewing= this new beauty!!

I dig it!
This time tomorrow I'll running around Vegas but for now I'm off to work, peace!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Food and Physics!

Avocado, tomato, and bacon pasta! This picture is right before I added my home made sauce:) 
I pulled this recipe off Pinterest, so easy, so tasty!

While making this bowl of deliciousness I hit a speed bump when I couldn't open a jar of dill pickles. LUCKILY I actually paid attention in Physics and remembered that when heated, glass, and metal expand at different rates (My mental light bulb was glowing in all it's glory). I put that stubborn jar in boiling water and popped it open just in time to surprise my Man.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for sharing in my nerd moment!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Days off

On days off I like to scoot around aimlessly......

From time to time Christa and I gather for lunch, chomp down a whole pizza to ourselves, watch day time television, and drink whisky (because we're classy ladies).


From time to time I love to visit thrift, vintage, and antique stores (I’m a hoarder of all things old and beautiful).  Hello Barbie from 1959, I'd like to take you home but your plastic ass is $1,100 bucks!!! One day my friend, one day!

On my days off I wish, dream, and fantasize about having a place like this to read . I've been freight training through one book after another lately. Any suggestions on a good read? I've currently been reading a range of books on different topics from spiritual enlightenment and World War II to the drunken escapades of Tucker Max. Odd literary appetite? I agree.
I think the reason I'm writing about days off is because I desperately want one right now!! I'm currently in my pjs, looking like Courtney Love, and eating Jack in the Box in hopes that by ingesting cheesy potato wedges I can put some life back into this sorry carcass.

Lesson of the day: Don't pick up Sunday shifts.
Attitude towards today: If you're not working I hate you.
The end.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Warren G and Internships.

I want it all, houses, expenses, my own business, a truck, and a couple of Benzes….sing it Warren G…..shit, every damn thing!
As I maneuver through my life I periodically hit what I like to call “the wall of life.”  Somewhere in my subconscious I've created a little hand that waves back and forth saying, “Hey, hi, hello!” and begs me to direct my attention to the genuinely important things in life.  I’m so happy with where I am in life currently that I’ve been neglecting my future... it's incredibly challenging to balance the now and the soon to be. Could I be doing more to drive my career goals, save money, and improve my health? Yes, yes, and yes
This week I’m applying to some big and extremely scary internships (but if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough). Some are in the immediate area, while others would wisk me miles away to different cities and states. It's intimidating, but more importantly, it's exciting! I’ve always loved fashion and I'm excited for opportunities within the industry to come.
Today I'm feeling focused, driven, cute, and spicy.
Now onto a much needed Whiskey date and haircut:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feeling old.

Last night, my dear Ness drove out to my area both for some cocktails, and to spend the night so we could embark on an early morning adventure at one of Southern California's hidden gems, the Huntington Library. Our agenda was perfect juxtaposition of class and debauchery. Does getting excited for a trip to the Huntington Library make us old? Does trying to find a bar that doesn’t ask for ID make us young? Ness realized as we were heading out that she left her ID behind in another purse. I don't easily accept defeat, so we ventured to Nandarang in K-Town. The word on the street is that everyone's 21 there regardless of your birthyear, smoking inside isn't necessarily frowned upon, and odd Korean music videos are all the rage. Some may take Yelp as gospel, but I've learned not to believe everything I read, and asked the waiter if it's kosher to smoke before I lit up. He handed us a empty coke can and replied with a big smile "I can't answer that, but customers typically do so.”
Thank god for shady Korean establishments!!

We woke up in the morning, and, after shaking off the prior night's cobwebs, we set out to visit the Huntington Library. This lovely place that represents all things classy and girly is in the heart of a very upscale neighboorhood called San Marino. While I'm reluctant to admit that Ness and I are nerdy poptarts, we took the scenic route which toured houses from some of our favorite movies (above: The house from Father of The Bride). We wanted to pose for photos on the front lawn until we realized the residents were home.

Thomas Lawrence's "Pinkie" (1794) and Thomas Gainsborough's Blue Boy (ca. 1770).

As you can tell from my photos the place is enchanting, romantic, and just plain pretty. If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying it's art/book collection and amazing gardens, I highly recommend visiting. Whenever Ness and I get together we find ourselves in circumstance where hilarity will ensue. One of the more memorable moments from our adventure was an exchange between ourselves, the gate keeper, and a pair of lost Asains.

Gate keeper "Do you have your tickets?"
Me "We......"
Interrupting Asians "Wha? Where we go? Where we go??"
Gate Keeper "To the right, go to the right" He is currently giving us the "what the hell" look.
Gate Keeper turns to us and offers us free tickets and we continue conversating when we are once again interrupted by the Asian couple asking where to go.
The gate keeper replied "to the right!" at least another 3 times. The wife then cried out like a child " But I want to see da gardens! Da Da gardens!" The husband then asked if its safe to cross the street which puzzled me because the road is one lane and we were all currently stopped due to him. The gate keeper stood in front of my car and told them "Look people, I'm blocking the cars, they aren't moving, you're safe to walk!" As soon as they walked away he turned to us and said "Damn Chinese people!" While giggling I thanked him for the tickets and assured him he put forth an honorable effort.


We then went over to Christa's to enjoy cookies, wine, and daytime television....are we getting old? I think so.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Every January 1st mottos like “New Year, New YOU”, exercise balls, and gym shoes creep/roll out of hiding.  Earlier this week my gym shoes managed not only to creep out of my closet but somehow latch themselves to my feet. Since they were already on me I said what the heck and them come with to Coffee Bean. That’s when the unthinkable happened, they convinced me to go jogging through S. Pasadena. During my jogging adventure I spent a lot of time swishing around ideas in my brain and letting my emotions run freely through my heart. I have a really good life and I shouldn’t need Holidays or specific dates to acknowledge how blessed I am. The past year has been full of challenges, hard lessons, and growing up. Now that I’m a little stronger and wiser I hope to enjoy life little more and stress over it less. My only goal for 2012 is to be less of a worry bee and more of a free bird. I think that by having a light, free, and happy soul all other things will fall into place. Best of luck this year my friends and don’t sweat the small stuff!
Now that you know how I'm starting 2012 how about I show you how I ended 2011.