Monday, December 30, 2013


Sometimes I roll out of bed and rather than changing I hide my pajamas under a second layer of clothes, tuck them into designer boots (gotta get my wins where I can) and go to school. I'm glad to announce that those days might be over and I'm going to try to get more use out of my beloved closet. With that said, I'm going to try, keyword: TRY to take some pictures and start documenting my life again. I've decided to kick this off by posting photos I found on my cell phone and doing a "According to my iPhone" 2013 year recap!

Arizona is absolutely picturesque! I can't deny, I developed a little crush on this desert state. I look forward to putting many more miles on my car, boarding more planes and adding more stamps to my passport in the coming year.

Food, food and more food. 
Food is essential for survival but I'm not about eating the basics. Whenever we travel we seek out famous local bites, food challenges and places we've discovered on Food Network!

Places to write home about: 
Lucha Libre Taco Shop, San Diego, CA- Tap Me Out Taco
Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Las Vegas, NV- Hell's Kitchen Burger
Mantee, Studio City, CA- Kafta Kebab
Hard Rock, Punta Cana, DR- Simplest but most satisfying chicken salad sandwich EVER!

New York City!
This city is truly magical and exceeded all expectations. I had the honor experiencing an exclusive ground zero tour that has forever changed me. I biked the 6.1 mile route through Central Park and made a scene that one of the most grand hotels.

I left my stuffed animal/prized possession in my bed at The Plaza. I called the hotel and I explained he held equal value to my wedding ring and must be retrieved. I skipped lunch and headed to straight to the hotel. The Turkish President happened to be checking in the same time and the lobby was flooded with security. The baggage check was guarded by 5 secret service men who could barely contain their laughter when they followed me into the room and saw that next to their President's mountain of luggage laid one nearly lost and very loved penguin.

Lazy Mornings.
I am so thankful for the love I share with my husband. For the first time our schedules haven't collided and we can take our time waking up on the weekends, making breakfast and cuddling with our cat children.

We have so many life long friends. Thanks for all the adventures, late nights, double dates, drunk dials, Snapchats, drinking rallies and memories yet to be made!

*Cards Against Humanity, play or die.

I was admitted to a by invitation leadership program at Cal Poly. It feels so good to know that on my efforts in and outside of the classroom aren't going unnoticed. I just finished an insane 20 unit quarter and can't wait to graduate in Spring!

My family beats your family like Dallas creamed Buffalo in the 1992 Super Bowl (winks at Cowboys fan husband). Forget your best Vegas story and let us show you how to party! I love being apart of my huge and growing family.

The 49ers are the only team I have loyalty to. Whenever I get invited to see another professional sport I'll wear whatever shirt and cheer for whoever will score me a hotdog and a cold beer. Back to football, I won one of my fantasy leagues and came in second in the other! BOO-YA! I think this picture could be a foreshadowing of next weeks game:)

My addiction of the year. She hates me. Enough said.

Mickey is our homeboy. 
We had our first date here and have evolved into crazy Disney people (Well, at least me). We've walked Main St. more times than I can count and it truly is my favorite place for Friday night dates. We typically chomp down on churros and get on as many rides as possible while everyone else is mesmerized by the fireworks. We will be making our first trip to Disney World in February.

Mr. and Mrs. Gozdecki

Matt asked me the most romantic question that one can ask another and on May 3, 2013 I was so proud and excited to able to live my answer.