Tuesday, April 10, 2012


You're never too old for a Easter Basket! Matt and I decided to hit up Target not only the day before Easter(super slim pickings) but together (surprise killer). Our shopping trip quickly turned into us avoiding each other and running down opposite aisle when the other was in sight. I may or may not have been asked to slow my roll by an agitated employee:)
Holidays get me excited, what can I say?
Sunday was absolutely beautiful. I spent the whole day overeating and relaxing with family.
Had a cup or two of bubbly with my grandma and mom.
Watched my niece hunt for Easter eggs. She was the only grandchild there this year and loved not having any competition.
I hope your holiday was just as wonderful!
Happy Late Easter!


  1. Hey!!

    I am glad you are enjoying my blog. Freya's is great too. Easter looks like it was fun and super cute that you two do Easter baskets to make it fun :)



  2. I'm following you too! I can't wait to here about your underground market trip! Please give details!

  3. love your giveaway. I'm following you now :D xoxo


  4. I love Easter baskets :) This year I made paper carrots and filled them with candy...we just finished our last carrot. It was a nice change!