Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Birthday and A Giveaway!

Many Asian cultures believe that a person's birthday should be celebrated on the day they were conceived rather than physically born… interesting fact, right?  Despite not posting my first entry till mid August I would like to celebrate my blog's 1st birthday on the day I created my account (August 2, 2011).  On that day I had lived in LA for 3 measly days and decided to track my new journey through this electronic journal. I love clicking through the last year of my little life and seeing all I've experienced, seen, shopped, loved, struggled, ate etc. My blog has only been public for 5 months and already I’ve made many amazing friendships… so amazing that I might need a blogger friend table at my wedding!

In celebration of my blog I invite all my dear readers, followers, and stalkers to enter my first solo giveaway! What is a birthday party without gifts, right? Check out the goods below and thanks for being a part of the pages of my life.


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