Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Party

The reason I never want to get out of bed....
I LOVE my cat so much that I particpate in monthly link-ups to share her cuteness with the world. I spent my whole life hating cats until I met Matt. If I remember correctly it took me a whole 3 seconds to fall head for heels for her. I always joke that we don't need to have kids since we have her.
Stop by Reinventing The Ordinary to join the fun! Becky, the host is super sweet and always has great prizes!


  1. ah what a sweetheart! I would never want to get out of bed either! I love these photos :) Cats are so cute (if they're nice- and yours seems like a doll) my in laws just got two new kittens and I LOVE THEM! I should try to talk my hubs into a cat!

    1. Mine is like having a well behaved toddler lol. I got lucky:)

  2. I never want to get out of bed...just don't have a good reason. I'm not a cat person generally...but since meeting all my party buds .. I'm warming up to them a bit. I still don't care for the ones that live next door...gotta keep chasin' them out of my yard. You guys do know how to stretch out and take some good naps'll have to teach me some yoga or something....thanks for partying blake

  3. By the way...that is Cali ... right?