Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I have 2 new bestfriends

At 12:30am I stepped outside my house and the door locked behind me…numerous screams, fist pounds and body slams against my door soon followed. It was the most horrible feeling knowing I’d be without my keys, money, and cell phone (life line/soul mate for many of us) till at least 6:30pm. After accepting my situation I proceeded to run from house to house in hopes that someone would be home and let me to use their phone. The only person you answered was the balding chain smoking woman from across the way. I ended up spending the next 30mins with her while I called my work, Matt, my mom and the locksmith. Since she was so kind to help me I tried to make small talk so she knew I appreciated her and to avoid “I don’t know you” awkwardness. BIG MISTAKE! The woman pulls out photo albums, offers food, and puts on Maury. I'm sorry but the last thing I want to do when I'm two seconds from crying is watch a show starring a woman with 5 kids and 8 possible fathers. When I knew the locksmith was within 15mins I chose to slide out and take my chances with the heat. The guy arrives 40 minutes later and is unable to open the door because the lock has some built in defense mechanism that requires a tool that he doesn't have. While waiting for his boss to show up we talked about my wedding, why girls don't like him, traveling, surfing and church...true story. Then out of nowhere the balding lady appears to check on me and ended up joining the conversation.  At this point I’m ready to cry again and redirect my attention to my cat on the side of the glass and have staring contests with her. At 3pm I finally made it back into my home…only me. I feel like "life" owes one for today's shenanigans.

BTW, Thursday's giveaway ends tomorrow.