Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach Olympics

 In honor of the Olympics some of Matt's work amigos brought the London games to beaches of California. His friends live two blocks from the beach (beyond jealous) and were nice enough to haul out gear for corn hole, baseball, football, volleyball, ladder toss, racquetball, and the black trash can game.

Black trash can game (I don't remember the silly title they had for it): You place two black trash cans with slits on the side far apart in the sand then two teams of two take turns trying to make their Frisbee in the slit or through the top opening. Nearly half of guys Matt works with grew up on the East Coast and calm this game is a "big deal" over there (eh, I’m not buying it). I kept teasing that a bunch of successful college grads like themselves need to stop inventing fake games.

I'm really glad we went because it was the first time this summer I ran through sand and played in the ocean. Horrible, right? I nearly committed the biggest sin a Southern California resident can commit by not taking advantage of our coveted sunshine and beautiful beaches.

Dear California Beaches,

I'm sorry.
I appreciate you and will visit you again on Thursday!

Love, Jessica
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  1. I haven't really been swimming this summer either. Lake Ontario is gross, or so I've heard, I think it looks lovely! I never really grew up on the "beach" because as you may know, Oregon beaches aren't those of the swimming variety. Looks like a good time!