Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Birthday News
On Monday the man of the condo celebrated another glorious year of life.
He is a huge Clipper fan so it was only appropriate to celebrate his birthday and their victory together. I tracked down some special (cough cough expensive) decor. When I found out the price of the pinata I nearly fainted before handing over the plastic. I'm certain I was riped off but where was I going to find another?
Love can be expensive:)
Fashion News
I love the colors yellow and blue together. In my book they make the best of friends. The combination of these two colors are so cheery and bright. Below are my five favorite finds of  the day. I'm especially digging the first two dresses.
Upcoming News
Love Alert: Our engagement party is this Saturday. Yaaaaaaaa! I can't wait to celebrate with
 our friends and family.
Nerd Alert: The California Science Center is opening a Cleopatra exhibit on May 23rd!
It's the largest Egyptian exhibit that has ever visited the United States. What can I say, I like History.
Cool Kid Alert: For Matt's birthday I got us tickets to see Pepper on a beach in Catalina Island. What says summer better than a boat ride, sand, sunsets, and music?

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  1. I just found your blog through the life of bon :) I recently got engaged too! Just a few weeks after you, in fact! :) I love these outfits! And have fun at your engagement party! :)