Monday, May 21, 2012

Humble Pie

Matt and I recently had lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory. The food and service was great but unfortunately we were seated next to a table of girls who all wished they were Blair Waldorf. As I was excusing myself to use the restroom so did half of the clan (Lucky me). These girls had no filter or volume switch so I was subjected to their complaining and "I’m better than everyone else" rants. Once in the restroom one the girls would not stop complaining about how there was only 4 stalls, how their architect should be fired, and who she should write a letter to. The same girl happened to wearing a dress I saw at Nordstrom Rack for 19.97 early that week and I could tell she was trying to pass off at a much higher price point. How do I know this? I’m a girl and I just doJ. At this point I decided to serve her a piece of humble pie by way of a complement.

Me- (In my best valley girl voice): OMG! OMG! I love love love your dress!
Girl flips her hair over her shoulder and replies in a disinterested voice "Ahh ya, me too"
Me-"19.97 right? Isn't that such a steal? I just love meeting other bargain hunters."
The girl’s jaw dropped and she was absolutely mortified like I had revealed some deep dark secret.
Girl- "Ugh umm...ugh well..."
Me-"Well it was nice meeting you all, Bye Ladies!"

I told Matt when I got back to the table and he was overtaken with laughter and near spat out his drink. He complemented my tactic approach and we left.

Lesson of The Day: Don't walk around acting like your the Queen unless you can deal with being humbled by a commoner.

**For the record I'm not a person who seeks to embarrass others I just think this person needed to taken off her high horse and in this case by an admiring bargain hunter.