Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy Mother's Day and Birthday Momma!
Tomorrow I'm having an early lunch celebration with my mom and grandma. I'm ready for some much needed girl talk and possibly a glass or two of champagne. I don't know if time will permit but I'm hoping after lunch to brush the cobwebs off both their wedding dresses. If it isn't already apparent I'm HUGE on holidays, traditions, pictures, and all things sentimental. I volunteered and nearly begged to fish them out for their dusty resting places.

 Below is a picture of my grandma's larger than life wedding.
Do you see the bling around her head and the length of her veil?
I've always loved her style and the more is better attitude:)
Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to kiss your momma not once but twice!
Happy Mother's Day!

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