Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stars and Strips

I'm proud to be an American and live in such a fine country. I'm thankful today and everyday! I hope you enjoyed the evening with family and friends and kept in mind what this and many other holidays are really about!
Wearing my pride.
Heals: Michael Kors $2 rummage sale, Tank: $7 F21, Purse: Michael Kors $$$, and Skirt: $9 from one of those Asian stores where no one speaks English but it's ok because they sell trendy pieces for basically free.
When you work where fashion is king you best believe everyone will be dressed to the nines in holiday spirit. We'll everyone except for the Katie (the girl standing next to me) this is her everyday get up. True story, she represents our nation 365 days a year. Gangster right? We constantly joke that she is Uncle Sam's great great great great great granddaughter, belongs in a Tommy Hilfiger catalog or sailing the high seas.
Despite being at work on a Holiday we still had fun. Double pay is always fun.
When I got home we quickly playing, cooking and eating. The coolest thing about my Jack of The Stalk condo is the super awesome roof deck on the third story. It provided us with a 360 degree view of fireworks from several nearby cities. From 9 to 10pm there was nonstop legal and illegal fireworks and I swear one of my crazy neighbors (Michael, or at least that was the name his friends were chanting) might be down a digit or two.
Life is good.


  1. I love love your outfit and would KILL to go thrift shopping with you sometime. If I EVER find myself in LA I will be stalking you. FYI. But that won't be soon ;)

    1. If you happen to be in LA next May you and Jacob can totally come to my wedding:)

  2. Well you obviously had fun even though you had to work! Love your outfit - super cute!