Monday, July 9, 2012

Link UP!

I recently participated in a Link Up hosted by Jenna from " I Never Really Told You". The purpose of the Link Up Party is to meet other bloggers and send a themed gift to the person your assigned. I was given the task of sending the perfect "summer essentials" to my secret blogger Rachel from "Hidden Beauty Photography" I surfed around her blog and came to find that she is a really sweet girl who loves her friends, family, faith, and fashion.
My Package is carnival themed because to me summer is all about being outside, going to concerts, barbecues, theme parks, fairs, water parks etc.

My package included:
Treats: Peanuts, bubble gum, and of course an over sized lollipop
Bert's Bees lip balm
A stripe bracelet to rock this summer
Tiny umbrellas to pop in a smoothie
Polka Dot photo album
Stationery with a gesture holding balloons
And Lastly, a postcard from my trip to Catalina Island

My package was sent all the way from Maryland by Laura of "Fancy This". She is such a doll and made be feel so special by the amount of thought she put into my gift.
I love this quote I snagged from her blog this morning and wanted to let her know she nailed it!
"Can we take a moment to be intimidated by this please? Jessica is a California girl. I had to really think about things {and stalk her blog in the name of research} to come up with a summer essentials gift worthy of her status as a California girl. Where’s it’s practically summer all the time. No pressure."

Her package included:
 Essie Nail polish
Starbucks gift card! Woot woot!
Cucumber Facial Towelettes
Natural Ice Chapstick
Super cute head wrap
And a letter breaking down her reasoning for each item.

Thank you Laura for my "day at the beach" themed package and Jenna for putting this together!


  1. CARNIVAL THEME!? I love it!!!!!! Thanks for participating!!!!

  2. SOOOOOO glad you liked everything!!!! yay! :)

  3. ooh a sbucks giftcard? SCOREEEEE!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment today!! I love everything that you received, that nail polish is a gorgeous color! And Starbucks gift cards are always a great thing to receive.


  5. So cute! I would love to receive that. You're so creative!!


  6. So cute!!! I love the carnival theme you thought of!!!