Monday, July 30, 2012

Couples Retreat

 I feel like in the past 2 days Matt and I have been everywhere but home. We've been out and about having the most amazing times with some of our favorite duos:) Now all I need is another weekend to recover from this one...
On Friday night we met up with friends at one of our favorite Karaoke bars. I really wish I could express myself through song but my vocal abilities are straight up embarrassing and wouldn't even be humored by the saddest of karaoke communities (this is one of those bars where people bring their personal CDS and mics). On the contrary, Matt sings very well and I always have fun cheering him on. Sometimes he'll even sing a song to me infront of everyone. He is quite the dish.
 The Karaoke bar happens to be diagonal from a 24 hour grocery store and like most; I tend to do silly/random/spontaneous things after consuming a beverage or two. I decided to get my mad hatter on throw our friend Ryan (born in October) a very merry un-birthday in the parking. The lady that rang me up thought I was such a doll for "surprising" my friend and allowed me ice the cake right in her check-out stand.
*Please excuse my ugly handwriting. I typically have impeccable penmanship.
Before spending 3 hours at a El Torito laughing and talking. You can't shut us and our boys up to save your life. We alway have so many stories to tell that we had to implement a story telling circle, complete with rules and counter clockwise speaking rotations.
Completely serious.



  1. I'm not sure if I've ever admitted to someone that I LOVE karaoke bars! So glad we share this in common. haha! Your blog is adorable & i'm excited to follow along.

    Amanda at:

  2. Looks like a great weekend!!!! There's this place in Korea Town here in Toronto that does Karaoke but it's not like a bar, you rent little rooms with a TV and a disco ball and a karaoke machine and you just sing with a group of friends in this room. It's $20 for a hour but the weird thing is that there's no alcohol...

    1. There are places like that in LA! At first the little rooms and odd Korean music videos creeped me out but now I love them. We once went toone were it was $40 an hour but you could bring your own food and booze in! Come to CA and I'll take you lol!

  3. Cute pic of you guys - we love to go karakoe with friends! so fun!