Friday, June 15, 2012

Living in the stone age

What does one do without technology? Die? Just about.
As of today our household has been without Internet and cable for a week and a half.
We decided to change our provider and won't be able to have our home installation done for another
week and a half (If we are lucky). I never realized how much I depend on the web for daily functions, socializing, school, work, and keeping my sanity. 

Below are ways I've entertained myself over the week:
1. Staring contests with my cat. She always wins. It might be the 2 eye lid thing but 
whatever...damn her.
2. I've been getting my e.e. cummings on. He is one of my favorite poets and I've been
enjoying having such a large collection of his works at my finger tips.
3. BBQ with friends! It is impossible to frown with a margarita in hand and good friends by your side.
We took the time to prepare everything ourselves and is was completely worth the work.
4. Disposing of leftover hot dog buns from our engagement party. We had 4 bags like the one my holding to throw to the eager duckies. These duck were not the typical human fearing but rather bold and feisty. They had no problem eating out of Matt's hand and one nearly jumped in my lap to steal a bite of my lunch.
5. Get dressed up and go out to dinner. Sorry for the bad photo quality but I had Matt snap a quick photo  of my awesome dress before we headed off to bed. If your in Pasadena, CA anytime soon you have to check out Smitty's. The restaurant takes many of our everyday favorites (mac & cheese, corn bread, creamed corn, pot pies etc.) and turns them into gourmet dishes. 
*Sigh* my diet fails again.
Tomorrow we are off to Catalina Island! Have a great weekend Amigos!

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  1. Sounds like a great summer already! Tomorrow I have a 20's themed Jazz festival that I just bought an outfit for...I'm excited :) Love the dress!