Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Parties and boys

There's house parties and then there's Sarah's house parties! I always leave saucy (you would think a bartender lives there) and full of yummy treats. She never disappoints!
There's good costumes and then there's GREAT costumes. If you don't know who Matt and I are it's pretty apparent you don't have cable (unfortunate) and I'm done explaining to people. Sorry.
There's college parties then there's fraternity parties.
Some of the frat boys you'll meet are lunatics and some will change your heart forever. Some will be so amazing that you'll drive an hour to see them (killed the resale value of my car) 3 times a week!! You'll fall so in love that you'll  leave your Brea bubble behind and move to Los Angeles.
Happy 2.5 years to my main squeeze, handsome pants, fuzzy faced boyfriend!
You send me over the moon!

Look babe, your gift just came in the mail!
JUST kidding.....maybe.

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