Monday, November 7, 2011


 Sorry being such a negative Nancy lately. I promise this post has a different tone. Since, My Pops is having surgery towards the end of the month and for the next 4 weekends my siblings and I are taking turns traveling out of the country or state, my family celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. Whenever we congregate there's always endless chatter, eating, drinking, laughing, and teasing. It was exactly what I needed to recharge my internal battery........
Later that night I scooted down to Huntington Beach to meet up with some amigos. It was one of those nights where your so involved in your group of friends you hardly notice other people, you bust out humiliating dance moves, sway your arms to and fro, and buy drinks like it an't no thang!

Ummmm...what else? Oh ya, I made a friend on the dance floor. She was a riot, we exchanged numbers and swore to one day dance again. Then sometime around 3am I threw on a fisherman's cap and a North Face jacket for a quick and very cold bike ride.

Short and simple,Saturday was everything I needed.

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