Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friend of a friend

Disclaimer: This is NOT one of those stories where I claim to be talking about friend of a friend when in reality it's me.

I'm a complete wussy these days; I'm kind of like an M&M; hard shell but soft and sugary in the middle. When the going gets tough I get water proof mascara. Well this friend of mine actually lives up to age-old adage and just gets tougher. This friend informed me sometime around 1:00 PM that her love life had taken a turn for the worse and she was looking to have one of those mild “lounge on the couch and drink wine” days. I wish I could have hit the bottle with her but had to plan on a future date.

Hours later…….

I get this text, “Jessica, what does [Name Omitted] do in times of distress? Meet her guy friend at a topless bar for beers!! Lolol!!

[Darling Anonymous Girl] You made my day!!!

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