Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Canada eh

As some of you may know, earlier in the year Matt and I took a trip up to Canada to see our dear friends the Kosturoses (or however you pluralize that silly Greek name) Matt made that comment not me:) Dimitri is one of Matt's oldest and closest friends, and quite frankly, a downright terrible influence in that bestfriendy kind of way. When their powers combine you can either run for cover or get just as drunk as they do. So this last weekend we decided to travel back up to Langley and well... we got drunk.
Pengi and I at the airport! Yes, I have given life to an inanimate object and yes, he loves to travel. 

The weekend was a continous cycle of rain, drinking, eating, and seeking new indoor entertainment. On Friday night before hitting the bars we got fuzzy over a game of Monopoly. Strategy and gaming tactics reach new heights when your contendors are a morgage broker, a realtor, and a former banker. You should have heard the negoations and offers of profits shares and rent exemptions that were buzzing about. I think the Parker Brothers would be proud. (After we hit a certain tipping point, clever strategy and trade turned to offers of sexual favors and threats. Maybe the Parker Brothers wouldn't be so proud.)

On Saturday we spent the day on Grandville Island and in Downtown Vancouer. Theres a huge indoor farmers market on the Island that triumphs all others. There must be at least 75 vendors selling fresh seafood, produce, and baked goods!


Matt and Dimitri looking handsome under the bridge.
 Stacey and I entertaining ourselves at the brewery. The coasters had  detachable mustaches (support MOvember)! If you would like one I pocketed more than one nose could ever need.

 Matt and Richard going head to head.

The boys after drinking 24 beers in 2 hours.

FACT:  Finding a Mexican in Canada is nearly impossible.
 Stacey always jokes that people probably think I'm either East Indian or a real eskimo. So naturally I wanted a picture with a Totem Pole.

TRUE STATEMENT: I have a little Native American in me and my last name means butter in Navajo.

Jessica Jane Butter, Sexy Kinda....
I had an amazing trip but couldn't be happier to be home with my cat daughter.

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  1. but the real question is does it mean butter in Yaqui? lol