Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thrift Stores

In the past year I’ve entered the wonderfully inexpensive world of second hand goods.  I have no shame admitting that my closet and home are comprised of pieces I’ve collected from stores ranging to the Goodwill and Dollar Tree to Nordstrom and Z Galleries.  I have Dom Perignon tastes on Pabst Blue Ribbon budget, so I do my best to strike a balance between the two. I’ve always been this way, I remember in high school Vanessa and I went to a dinner at The Ritz, where she wore a Dolce and Gabbana Dress and I a little BCBG number. I remember our brothers making fun of us for pairing our dresses with cheap $9 heels from a no name Asian store. Since fashion moves so quickly I’ve always valued quantity over quality….. when possible. Here are some of my best thrifted finds:
Ann Taylor Trench ($18.99) my favorite find of all time!
Vintage heels ($6.99) I love the little bows on the sides.
Black Dress ($4.99) I wear this LBD all the time.

Dress ($8.99) I think it’s so sweet and romantic.
Boots ($16.99) though embarrassing I must admit I smelled them before I saw them. As I zigzagged through the racks up to the register I caught a whiff of the scent only new leather carries. (You know you’re a shopaholic when…) These boots are carried at Nordstrom and retail for a little over $200.
Sorry for the bad photo quality, as I have to wait for Christmas to get a new digital. Unless a Nikon D5100 turns up in the bargain bin.
We should go hunting together!!

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