Sunday, November 20, 2011


Nothing makes me giddier than a poptart outing! I'm not talking about running to the grocery store for a sugary breakfast treat either.
Definition:  Poptart- A teen (or teen minded) girl who swears by gossip magazines, only listens to top 40 hits, and is willing to wait hours in the cold to see the new Twilight movie!
My friends and I have poptart tendencies but are by no means the full blown, 2-heartbeats-away-from-tattooing-Justin-Beiber’s-name-on-my-booty, kind of poptarts. We started our night of at my favorite restaurant, Roman Cucina. I love how much our topics of conversation have changed over the years. The biggest topics were things we bribe our husbands/boyfriends with to do the dishes and how World of War Craft, Madden, and Call of Duty have kidnapped our men’s souls. After dinner we picked up some coffee, added kick of Bailey’s and manned our posts.  In line we were blessed to be sandwiched between a bunch of 16 year olds and a guy loaded up on something. Mr. Loaded (who had a forehead so large you could have projected the movie we were about to see on it, if not for the fact it was covered by a disgusting mop of a hair cut) informed us that he wasn’t flying solo but rather was waiting for his chum, Andy Fab, to arrive. I decide to open up the conversation and ask about his Fab friend.
Me “Andy Fab, is he fabulous? What’s his real name?”
Him “Of course he is he’s Andy Fab. Andy Fab is his real name”
Me “Andy Fab is too spicy. Come on give it up”
Him “Andrew Stevens, he is so gay that you don’t know if he’s gay or lesbian. He’s big too! He needs all this space” (He is currently twirling in a circle measuring 10 feet in diameter circle)
This would have continued and gone who knows where but we were then informed that we were told to wait in the wrong line and our theater had been seated. ( SAY WHAAAAAATTTTT?)  I immediately went into mother goose mode and went hunting for a manager. The situation was quickly fixed and all 7 of us got to sit next each other. Now to what REALLY matters! The movie was amazing, beautiful, scary, romantic, sexy etc...!!! Their wedding  was exactly what I would want my dream wedding to be like but unfortunately I’m not a 200 year old vampire millionaire. The movie left me speechless and dying for the second half!!

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