Saturday, September 29, 2012

Say Yes to a Cheap Dress!

Are you familiar with the show Say Yes to The Dress? If I could hear your replies I'd bet that wasn't even a necessary question. Kleinfeld so generously donated 2,500 wedding gowns to the fashion program I am a part of at Cal Poly Pomona. We have been given the freedom to use the dresses in any beneficial way.

So if you or someone you know is in the market for a wedding gown, and you happen to be in or around Southern California, we will be selling them to the public on October 12th. The dresses retailed from $1,000 on up to the price of a small car, but we've now deeply discounted them - prices range from $300 to $750. While some are older styles, others are couture gowns and right with current trends. If your interested email me and I can arrange an appointment for you to see them before the set date. This is an amazing opportunity for my program and I'd love any help spreading the word!


  1. This is so cool!!!! If I knew anyone who needed a wedding dress in Southern Cali I would totally recommend this :) my sister actually got her dress from a similar program up in Oregon. Women donated their old wedding dresses and bridal stores donated dresses. She found a simple white dress for $100 but with some altering, it was totally beautiful. She added tulle underneath that was the color of the bridesmaids dresses, it was a total win.

  2. Good for your sister! I like that she added color tulle to spice it up. I can't believe how these days people are spending what could be a down payment on a new car towards a wedding dress.

  3. That's so nice that they donated the dresses, and so many of them at that! And it's awesome that they are now discounted so much. I would never be able to buy from them - not that I would want to - spending thousands of dollars on a dress is just ridiculous to me. Not that I have to worry about that anymore. I just bought my wedding dress (yay!) a few days ago! :)


    1. Congrats on your engagement and find the perfect dress!!! So exciting!