Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I don't know about you but I believe birthdays are too much fun to celebrate in one day and I'm currently on day three of my celebration. My wolf pack is full of amazing people who truly know how to make a girl feel special. In the recent year I've turned into such a softy and will cry for just about anything. I found myself holding back tears of happiness from time to time because everything was just that good. Nothing is better than having your friends, family, and the one you love all together in one spot celebrating your life. We started the festivities on Wednesday at this Sushi restaurant I've been going to since high school. It is the type of restaurant that would forgive a couple years on your ID for mix cds. True Story, when your friends with the owner and his wife likes American music odd exchanges can happen.
We ended the night on my parent's couches and my sweet mom nursed us with pancakes and orange juice in the morning. After eating Matt and I set out with the only plan of being at my Grandparent's by five. On our first date we went to Disneyland and I've been aching to return to where our relationship began. Since it isn't worth paying the crazy ticket prices to stay only till the evening we ran around Downtown Disney (I got emotional) and then we randomly decided to go to an Angel Game.
Sometimes no plan is the best plan!


  1. Happy birthday woman!! I'm a Sept baby too - mine is the 18th! Looks like you had a blast and I'm dreading getting another year older.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday girl!!!! Sounds like you had a greatttt time!!! :D btw the giveaway is up :)