Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who wore it better?

A classic match-up of one of the world's best tennis players and someone who has played ping pong at least once - Serena and I both standing with handsome men and though different colors, the very same purse in hand... Who wore it better?

 Dear enormous side boob, many thanks for your guest appearance in my photograph.
FYI: These photos are from the wedding of John King and Lynnelle Patron (yes, spelled and pronounced like the tequila) I'm really hoping for a possible hyphenation in the future. I'd hitch those names together in a heartbeat, Jessica Jane King-Patron, sounds tough.

If you didn't read my prior post, I absolutely love this outfit! Nordstrom Rack dress ($6.20), Sample sale heels ($10.00), and a Kathrine Baumann clutch ($2,895) Sadly, the clutch goes home tomorrow, thanks again Dorothy!
LOOK at this beauty Matt and I came across ( screeeeeeech!!! Cue sound of record dramatically stopping and the whole party going silent) ya right. I won't lie I enjoy shaking it to his beats but he may quite possibly be the ugliest human I have ever seen. Since this isn't exactly the home decor we're searching for, I may or may not have bought this as Christa's Christmas present. 

Other NEAT things:
  • Canada is BOOKED!
  • I'm creating a bucket list, complete with goals of walking The Great Wall of China and getting married by Elvis.
  • If I don't pass my Math class (the only thing keeping me from Cal Poly) I'm going to try my hand at reality TV........ perhaps being one of those drunk messes on The Bad Girls Club.
  • Diet Ginger Ale is my new everything. 
  • I love FREE clothes, who doesn't? I have lots of pieces ranging from small to large that I'm ready to part with. I keep hearing about swapping parties and I want in!! Help me find one or throw one with me!!

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