Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween day



On Saturday we went to the Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival. We enjoyed/devoured pastrami pizzas, cupcakes, $5 pumpkins, and the crazy heat.  Now if you could please direct your attention to the bottom left photo, where my brother and I are standing with our lighter half's. We love cracking racial jokes and Matt happened to have burned us brownies pretty hard....BUT right as Matt was beginning to celebrate Danny roasted him back with, "Very funny, but you two don't have sunscreen." This may not seem that hilarious but in the context of the conversation and the fact that Matt and Melissa were both over heating and turning red had us dying.

Matt wants to be a pumpkin......
 and I want big boobs, both aren't going to happen naturally.


Fun times outside of LACMA! 
We fought through a broken air conditioner, horrible traffic, and  expensive parking only to find that our tickets were for the prior week! Only me, right? I decided I wasn't going to except defeat and if necessary I was prepared to cry or sneak past security. After some pathetic begging I convinced Mr. Mole (the box office guy had large moles and I never caught his name) gave in and moved our ticket not once but twice (I'm indecisive) free of charge! Mr. Mole was extremely irritated by me and in the kindest way suggested that I should vanish, disappear, or die before he changes his mind. Fearful, I decided to Speedy Gonzales myself to a safer location .

A few hours later Manuel and Yvette joined us for a haunted hay located in the woods of Griffith Park. The setting allowed you to leave the normal world behind and enter a dream/fantasy. The makeup, music, costumes, and special effects made the experience completely real.

 Red Lion!
Awesome food, beer, cake, and party place!
CAUTION: If you have a tragic mishap and break a boot, be ready to cough up 50 bones for the replacement fee! After Manuel's 5th shot we made an unanimous decision to revoke all his boot holding privileges.

Das BOOT....and this was the small one!

We ended the night at a bar that looked like the owner bought a bunch of decorations from a 99 cents store and stapled it to the walls. The place has an odd vibe so Kerensa, Matt, Daniel, and I took a walk to get cigs and ended up making friends with a group of hipsters in the parking lot. They were popping bottles of champagne and offered us to join their chugging circle. When in Rome/Glendale you say what the hell and accept the offer, right? Right or wrong we all participated and laughed about it later.

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