Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I know this woman, Mrs. Money Bags, I named her this because she literally has bags of money. Despite her endless cash flow she can be seen chasing her dogs in a rotation of 3 hideous  mumus. I'd love to save her but she is far past recitation. I decided to use her as inspiration for what I’d like to call “mumu chic”. My mom found this 15+ year old piece in her closet. I developed a small crush on the bold print and decided that I should attempt reconstructive surgery before dooming it to the goodwill.

The operation was a success! I removed the ties, hemmed 1 ½ inches, took in 3 inches on each side, and created a more flattering set of sleeves. I added a belt and heels to complete the look and there you go ladies and gentlemen a new outfit. FOR FREE!

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