Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The sexy and not so sexy

 I love LOVE love the sexy people I work with. It’s comforting to have fellow friends who pack outfit changes and debate monthly to either pay their car payments or snatch up the newest Marc Jacobs bag.

Last Thursday we hit up West Hollywood and I’m 99% sure something found its way into my drink, leaving a 1% chance of an allergic reaction? I’ll leave it you to map out the probability. So for starters, Dear Jesus I’ve never seen so many gorgeous but sexually unavailable men all in one place. (Straight men, its time you step your game up, thank you.) The next part is an account told by Jennifer…..As I was being escorted to the car, our journey was interrupted by a guy who was yelling any kinds of madness from across the street. There was an exchanging of words between him and my friends which provoked him to then moon us. I have no recollection but I began yelling myself and upset the guy so much that he came running from across the street. He got in my face and repeatedly said, “Slap me, come on slap me.” I calmly reached into my purse and pulled out my 7 inch, match stick looking lighter and replied, “I’m not going to slap you, I’m going to light you on fire.” Speechless, he took a few steps back before turning around and leaving. I even waddled after him a few steps to prove this lunatic wasn’t messing around.  He must  have seen the Emily Rose that brewing inside of me. If this iccident had occurred 5 minutes later the disaster would have been all his.
Other NEAT things:
  • I learned how to use a dishwasher!! That’s 1 for me and 0 for my domestic disability.
  • In the next 11 months I plan to visit: Vegas (2), Canada, San Francisco, Spain, and Poland. This means I’ll be drinking faucet water and eating lettuce for the next year.
  • I was approached and given literature on how to join a Los Angeles, car club.
  •  I’m going to a wedding this Saturday and I’m beyond tickled over my outfit. I’ll eventually supply a photo but for now…I’ll be rocking a Nordstrom Rack dress ($6.20), Sample sale wedges ($10.00), and a Kathrine Baumann clutch ($2,895) Relationships are important, you never know how a good friend can get you such a piece on loan.
  • Matt loves his new job!
  • My two new favorite jams: Atlas Genius- Trojans and Adele- Last night (Strokes cover)

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