Friday, October 14, 2011

The bucket!

 Matt and I adore tasty (aka unhealthy) FOOD….a love no celery stick could shake.  We recently went to The Bucket, a small and I mean shoebox size burger joint. That strictly serves fries, beer, and 6 or 7 types of burgers (our favorite food groups). The house specialty is “The Cardiac” it sounded a little too threatening so I opted for “ The mild cardiac”. My burger contained: 1 beef patty, cheese, ham, bacon, Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mushroom, ketchup, and onions. My mouth started to salivate at 1st sight.

Nom Nom Nom NOM!

Interesting encounter:
The other day I wore a fly away cardigan, black maxi dress, and a cream belt to work, cute right? As I was walking from my car a guy looked me straight in the eye and yelled "YOU HIPPIE!!" I don't know if he was insulting me or was excited to see one of his own? The guy was rolling in a late 70's tin can that sounded like a vaccum.

Moving on.......

Things I'm going/ wanting to do this month (passengers welcome):
  • Cal Mart's sample sales and trunk shows!!
  • Getty Villa
  • Cal Poly pumkin patch
  • Tim Burton Exhibit at LACMA
  • Griffith Park haunted hay ride
  •  Beach visit
  • Save the life of another mumu

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