Monday, October 10, 2011

Peace, love, and champange

I believe with my whole asthmatic heart that I passed my test today. Oh ya, I have asthma attacks from time to time when shit gets tough. Today’s had me thinking of an old bulletin board, with an image of a fish lying on the floor and a quote from a child saying, “When I have asthma attacks I feel like a fish without water”. Well, I woke up as that fish 1 week ago when I realized I wasn’t doing so well in one of my classes. Unfortunately, my fate lies in the hands of a metallic, eye shadow wearing prune, who’s clearly only teaching because she has two years left till retirement. DAMN FOSSIL! Anyways, I spent the whole class period working on that test and I feel confident that I at least passed……but we’ll see. Quite excited, I hurried over to parent’s house (FYI: My ID is expired and I left my passport in LA) so naturally, I was trying to recruit someone to buy me some bubbly. Once, I realized there was no moving Manuel, I found the winner, my mom. I told her I deserved some 11am drinks after all the fun I've been skipping out on.  My mom’s so funny; she was super sneaky about the way she handed me my change in the parking lot. I had to remind her that she wasn’t committing a crime and that I’m of age, just currently not on California plastic.
To anyone who would like to join, this Saturday I’m going on a haunted hay ride through Griffith Park and then on to a German bar to celebrate Lindsay Lohan’s …ugh I mean Manuel Mungia’s birthday. It’s going to be crazy fun and the bar serves beer in glass boots. The troops are rallying around 6 and no soldiers will be left behind or lost. Plenty of cars are going and I’m not opposed to my living room looking like a mortuary, so NO excuse, I have plenty of floor space for all your drunk bodies!

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