Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Bucket Far

  • Take a coast to coast road trip. Anyone have a RV?
  • Pet a Large Spider. Ekkk!
  • Marry my own Prince Charming
  • Get remarried to my Prince Charming in a Las Vegas chapel by Elvis. All who attend are welcome to participate. You can walk me down the aisle or toss some flowers the decision is all yours.
  • Donate blood. Sounds simple enough except the sight of a hospital needle makes me sweat and sometimes throw up.
  • Give my children everything I had.  There is nothing my parents didn’t sacrifice and give me. I hope if I decide to have children I will be as loving and selfless as them.
  • Own a weekend car.  Preferably a 50’s Bel-Air or a 40’s Ford Coupe. BTW, one car I will never own is a minivan, mark my words.
  • Own a Chanel Purse. I want, I want, I want. That is my only reasoning.
  • Own a Bulldog named Winston. Cause what else would you name an English Bulldog?
  • Do a cartwheel.  I have failed on more than 10 occasions.
  • Learn how to Salsa properly. I’m done shimmy shaking without direction.
  • See the Pyramids of Egypt
  • Visit a Concentration Camp. I have been fascinated with (and horrified by) the Holocaust since I first learned of it in 5th grade. I’ve read 6 books of firsthand accounts and would like to pay respect to those brave enough to share their stories. I recommend I’ve Lived a Thousand Years.
  • Attend at least one Super Bowl, World Cup, and Olympic Games. I see lots of beer, hotdogs, and war paint in my future.
  • Get a 4th, 5th, and 6th tattoo
  • Donate Money anonymously
  • Become a Senior Citizen. I plan on playing the old senile card as often as possible. I have an uncle who when asked at a grocery store if he needs assistance to his car he will always say yes and then when asked which car is his, he’ll reply “the white one”. He giggles inside while the bag boy walks from each white car to the next asking if it’s the one. I swear I’ll end up silly like him or bat shit crazy like Etta James.
I want all of this.

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