Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Warren G and Internships.

I want it all, houses, expenses, my own business, a truck, and a couple of Benzes….sing it Warren G…..shit, every damn thing!
As I maneuver through my life I periodically hit what I like to call “the wall of life.”  Somewhere in my subconscious I've created a little hand that waves back and forth saying, “Hey, hi, hello!” and begs me to direct my attention to the genuinely important things in life.  I’m so happy with where I am in life currently that I’ve been neglecting my future... it's incredibly challenging to balance the now and the soon to be. Could I be doing more to drive my career goals, save money, and improve my health? Yes, yes, and yes
This week I’m applying to some big and extremely scary internships (but if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough). Some are in the immediate area, while others would wisk me miles away to different cities and states. It's intimidating, but more importantly, it's exciting! I’ve always loved fashion and I'm excited for opportunities within the industry to come.
Today I'm feeling focused, driven, cute, and spicy.
Now onto a much needed Whiskey date and haircut:)

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