Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feeling old.

Last night, my dear Ness drove out to my area both for some cocktails, and to spend the night so we could embark on an early morning adventure at one of Southern California's hidden gems, the Huntington Library. Our agenda was perfect juxtaposition of class and debauchery. Does getting excited for a trip to the Huntington Library make us old? Does trying to find a bar that doesn’t ask for ID make us young? Ness realized as we were heading out that she left her ID behind in another purse. I don't easily accept defeat, so we ventured to Nandarang in K-Town. The word on the street is that everyone's 21 there regardless of your birthyear, smoking inside isn't necessarily frowned upon, and odd Korean music videos are all the rage. Some may take Yelp as gospel, but I've learned not to believe everything I read, and asked the waiter if it's kosher to smoke before I lit up. He handed us a empty coke can and replied with a big smile "I can't answer that, but customers typically do so.”
Thank god for shady Korean establishments!!

We woke up in the morning, and, after shaking off the prior night's cobwebs, we set out to visit the Huntington Library. This lovely place that represents all things classy and girly is in the heart of a very upscale neighboorhood called San Marino. While I'm reluctant to admit that Ness and I are nerdy poptarts, we took the scenic route which toured houses from some of our favorite movies (above: The house from Father of The Bride). We wanted to pose for photos on the front lawn until we realized the residents were home.

Thomas Lawrence's "Pinkie" (1794) and Thomas Gainsborough's Blue Boy (ca. 1770).

As you can tell from my photos the place is enchanting, romantic, and just plain pretty. If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying it's art/book collection and amazing gardens, I highly recommend visiting. Whenever Ness and I get together we find ourselves in circumstance where hilarity will ensue. One of the more memorable moments from our adventure was an exchange between ourselves, the gate keeper, and a pair of lost Asains.

Gate keeper "Do you have your tickets?"
Me "We......"
Interrupting Asians "Wha? Where we go? Where we go??"
Gate Keeper "To the right, go to the right" He is currently giving us the "what the hell" look.
Gate Keeper turns to us and offers us free tickets and we continue conversating when we are once again interrupted by the Asian couple asking where to go.
The gate keeper replied "to the right!" at least another 3 times. The wife then cried out like a child " But I want to see da gardens! Da Da gardens!" The husband then asked if its safe to cross the street which puzzled me because the road is one lane and we were all currently stopped due to him. The gate keeper stood in front of my car and told them "Look people, I'm blocking the cars, they aren't moving, you're safe to walk!" As soon as they walked away he turned to us and said "Damn Chinese people!" While giggling I thanked him for the tickets and assured him he put forth an honorable effort.


We then went over to Christa's to enjoy cookies, wine, and daytime television....are we getting old? I think so.

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