Sunday, January 15, 2012

Days off

On days off I like to scoot around aimlessly......

From time to time Christa and I gather for lunch, chomp down a whole pizza to ourselves, watch day time television, and drink whisky (because we're classy ladies).


From time to time I love to visit thrift, vintage, and antique stores (I’m a hoarder of all things old and beautiful).  Hello Barbie from 1959, I'd like to take you home but your plastic ass is $1,100 bucks!!! One day my friend, one day!

On my days off I wish, dream, and fantasize about having a place like this to read . I've been freight training through one book after another lately. Any suggestions on a good read? I've currently been reading a range of books on different topics from spiritual enlightenment and World War II to the drunken escapades of Tucker Max. Odd literary appetite? I agree.
I think the reason I'm writing about days off is because I desperately want one right now!! I'm currently in my pjs, looking like Courtney Love, and eating Jack in the Box in hopes that by ingesting cheesy potato wedges I can put some life back into this sorry carcass.

Lesson of the day: Don't pick up Sunday shifts.
Attitude towards today: If you're not working I hate you.
The end.

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