Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Friendships and Scrubs

Girly Christmas with my Best Ladies!
Champagne, good conversation and carbohydrates (Pizza, potato skins, pie, spinach dip, fudge, sliders, and lemon bread to name a few)!

Complete Lushes.

Here’s a little Pinterest DIY Cailtin made me!

 It’s bittersweet seeing my little group doing adult things like getting married, moving away, popping out babies, and scoring BIG jobs. It makes me anxious and wishing I still 19. I’m constantly avoiding the realization that life’s training wheels are never coming back and I have to handle a world that’s bigger than weekly shopping, coffee, dinner, and party dates with my friends. I honestly have the best gang of girls in all the land and I miss and appreciate them so much!
 Something neat and a little less depressing….. My Godmother is actually my mom’s oldest friend from kindergarten.  Friendships are truly what you make of them.

***I'm currently at a Coffee Bean in South Pasadena and sitting across from Donald Faison AKA Turk from Scrubs! Well, at least I think so.....He's in a corner trying to be casual but there's nothing casual about the watch that's peeking out of his sleeve! I know what your thinking and no I'm not going to approach him I look homeless and he'll probably think I want his change.

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