Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanks for nothing you lying liars!

 My siblings and I have been feeling a little fluffy and decided to participate in another weight loss contest. Motivated by money, I’ve been eating healthy and losing weight like a BOSS. I think much of my success comes from avoiding my contenders and booby-traps. During the last contest my younger brother and his girlfriend, The Cupcake Yoda (NO one can resist her cupcakes) crept into my room during a deep mimis session (A Mexican term for sleep) and put cupcakes on my bookshelf, night stand, and even in my bed! Being weak and sugar deprived, I put those little treasures in a Tupperware and ate one each day till they were gone. I also may or may not have hung Snicker Bars from my contenders ceiling fans, haha gotcha good! Anyways, I went to Pinkberry today for the first time to get a healthy treat. I’ve avoided it for sometime because I heard rumors that their yogurt has a strong tart taste. Thanks for nothing you lying liars!!! Their new peanut butter yogurt could potentially rival all that I love and adore about Yogurt land. Not to mention that they put jelly and bread crumbs on top to complete the perfect PB&J ice cream sandwich!

I know adding toppings defeats the purpose of a healthy treat but I decided it was a better slip up than a cupcake.  I need to stay strong, the contest ends two days before we all leave to Vegas and I would love to start the weekend up 300 bucks.
Peace, love, and salads!

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