Thursday, December 15, 2011

A match made in the fluffy clouds of heaven.

Everyone at some point has dealt with the annoyance of their car breaking down but how many can say they've been rescued by a chick in glitter stilettos and shiny leggings?
 True story, I can.
Jennifer (The fashionable super hero) and I met on the 1st day of orientation and instantly became friends. We have similar goals, rock the same car, enjoy the same beverages, and shop more than anyone should. (btw, Jennifer you need to see the blue Calvin Klein dress I bought today! eeee!! It's FAB!).

On Saturday she hosted a ugly Christmas party and things got a little crazy and of course a little sloppy. I love the people I work with and that's all I'm going to share. 



My niece was performing at church the next day so Matt and I crashed at my parent's. For waking up late and not showering I think we looked pretty good.

Since so many people liked this outfit I decided to give the details:
Shirt-($4) Georgiou
Leaf necklace- ($3.80) Forever 21
Skirt-$6.99 (Normally 69.99) Nordstrom Rack
I'm turning into one of those never pay full retail people and I like it!
Shoes-$128 ( from my richer past life)
My Cousin Anthony and his daughter:)

Speaking of Christmas things, Santa are you listening?
This is my grown up Christmas list........
  1.  A Crock pot
  2. The new Twilight sound track
  3. A digital Camera
  4. A gift card to Homegoods
  5. Black flats, size 7.5 please
I'm a little boring this year. Happy 10 days till Christmas everyone!

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