Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dumpster Diving!

Look at this beauty I saved from the wood chipper! I've been wanting to buy a piece like this for some time but wasn't ready to drop $130-$175 that I've seen them going for in stores! I'm excited to paint, polish, and pick up some glorious hardware to dress it up.
My heart was crushed when we realized it wouldn't fit in Matt's car. So with no other options I dropped my top and made the chilly 45min drive back to our home.
What wouldn't you do for love or free furniture??
I can't wait to share the after photos.

Beside this amazing find I spent the day tailgating in my parent's front yard, laughing over tube videos, and shit talking with my siblings.
If haven't already viewed the Jimmy Kimmel Christmas Gift/Halloween Candy prank, GET on Youtube and GET on IT!

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