Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Wedding Santa, I just made you up! When Matt and I created our wedding registry we clicked a little box that gave our guests the option of mailing gifts rather than lugging them to the wedding. We have amazing friends and family and the gifts have been pouring in! It has been a real treat seeing the Wedding Santa/UPS man regularly.

Dear Wedding, You are 7 days away!  I love you and hate you so passionately that I'm going to end our letter right now. See you soon!

Dear Me, Chill out! Slow down! I know things are getting wild but you can't let the madness run you. Take time for yourself in the next week to breath and reflect on the beautiful day that you are about experience. If all else fails start spiking your drinks and get in a little retail therapy.

Dear Ceramic Birds, I can't believe I own 70 of you and had to pill stickers off everyone of your bottoms. #decorproblems

Dear Husband, Our anniversary is two days before we get married and we are going to paint the town! No cells phones permitted just kissing, dancing, hand holding, booze sipping, and cab catching! This is our your time.

The few wedding sneak peaks I'll allow:


  1. I'm totally stealing "Wedding Santa" from you whenever I get married!

    I hope you have an amazing wedding. <3

  2. I'm so excited for you! I remember how crazy the last week was but it sounds like youve got this under control!! Can't wait to see pictures!