Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Man & Man

I received a letter in the mail from the city of Los Angeles stating they have not received our marriage license (lies and the lying liars who tell them) and it would be void as of 7/30/13. Shit, balls, fuck I nearly passed out and may have hit a innocent pillow or two. After a near fatal asthma attack and temper tantrum I began rambling incoherently and thumbing through my planner looking for a date where we could get remarried in the county clerks office if front of their bullet and dispute proof glass. 
Yesterday I got off work at one and rushed over with the hopes of quickly fixing my situation but of course was met by a line snaked around the building with no promise I'd make it to the front by closing. I felt completely defeated and called Matt proclaiming that the city had won and I wanted to return home. Over the next hour we called hotlines and hunted through several websites looking for assistant or any type of possible extension. After an hour Matt managed to speak with a live person who confirmed they received it and must have sent the letter out by accident!!! UGH. Right as I was about to exit the line I saw the man in front of me who had been quietly reading his Bible begin making conversation with the people around him. He began taking to two men that he clearly didn't know were gay and asked what they were there for. They proudly proclaimed that they wished to be married and finally had the right to. Without a skip of a beat the man with the bible offered them many blessings, advice and even asked which church they were getting married in. The men giggled a bit to each other and one began telling the other how much he hated the line but would gladly wait 3 hours after waiting three years. I quickly realized that though I had a right to be fuming over my situation that not till recent did all humans have the right to my headache. I smiled at them and walked away feeling a little disappointed in myself and how I had behaved over the situation.

Lesson of The Day: Somewhere there is always a person fighting a harder battle than you. Keep your eyes open to what you have and didn't have to fight for. I love Matt and would marry him a thousand times over and I'm thankful I've always had the right to.

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